The health scare that taught Constance Hall to finally love her body.

A few years ago popular blogger Constance Hall believed skinny equalled beautiful.

“I used to be obsessed with my weight,” she admitted in a Facebook post.

“My least favourite part of being a mum was losing the baby weight.”

But a breast lump taught her to let go.

“I was so scared that I wouldn’t be granted the privilege to raise these perfect children of mine,” she wrote.

“When the doctor told me it was a cyst and not cancer I was flooded with relief.

“I grabbed my kids so tightly.”

Hall, who writes for her many followers at Queens of Constance  said the cancer scare reminded her a certain set of numbers on a scale was no guarantee of happiness.

“Now I realise that not losing your baby weight isn’t a sign of letting go, it’s a sign that this Queen has evolved,” she explained.

Constance refers to her followers – many of them women who speak openly about issues surrounding motherhood and love and life – as Queens.

“Happiness is about gratitude and love and the privilege that is life.”

The post clearly struck a chord with her followers because it’s now been shared more than 118,000 times.

It’s also garnered more than 3,000 comments, including several from cancer survivors as well as other women who’ve struggled to accept their post-baby bodies.

I’ve got stage 3 breast cancer with a 22-month-old,” one woman wrote on the Facebook post.

“Suddenly my weight seems hardly an issue in comparison to what I’m facing. I too was obsessed. I too was bothered that it fell off other women but not me. I’m starting to embrace the curves but even more so, let go of its importance altogether.”

I smashed my scales with a hammer when my daughter was 6-months-old. I decided she deserved a mother who wasn’t obsessed with her weight but a happy and healthy mummy who loved herself,” another added. “Well said Con.”

Another said she felt as though Constance was reading her mind.

“I’ve been struggling with the fact I can’t get the baby weight to budge, but you’re spot on,” she wrote.

“I need to let that go and enjoy the happiness of raising my beautiful baby.”

A woman who suffered cancer at 26, when she had two small children, said she felt the same way and posted a photo on the beach with her now-three kids.

“I don’t care I eat healthy and enjoy life with my babies by my side.”

Feature image: Facebook (Constance Hall).

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