Constance Hall just released her epic wedding video and it's already gone viral.

If there wasn’t enough to watch on the TV tonight (I’m A Celebrity, Married At First Sight, My Kitchen Rules), blogger and radio host Constance Hall has gone and dropped her wedding video.

And make yourself a cup of tea and get comfy because it’s longer than your favourite Netflix episode.

Hall dropped the 40 minute video on Facebook earlier this evening.

“And here it is Queens. We made this to thank you for everything, wait till the kids are asleep, pour yourselves a wine, get comfy coz you are invited to our wedding, Love Con and Denzy,” she wrote.

The video offers an intimate glimpse into the wedding and features Hall, now husband Denim Cooke and all their children.

It begins by recounting the couple’s love story.

“I had stopped believing in love. Day after day he proved to me that this was the real thing and that what I had forgotten does exist… Never have to be alone again,” Hall began.

Image: Facebook

Almost like a reality TV show, there are interviews with bridesmaids, family members and the couple themselves sharing stories and emotions leading to the big moment.

The actual ceremony, while unconventional, perfectly embodied the free spirited nature of Hall and her family.

And the personalised vows the couples exchanged brought tears to everyone's eyes.

In Halls, she promised to "build a life that's hectic and full of chaos and love and home cooked food and irrational spontaneous adventures, sex and more love."

"I will treat you like the most crazy unicorn man that came into my life to make everything make sense. I will bring you cheese and pickled onion sandwiches in bed, roll your joints for you when you can't and brush your dreadlocks out when they get really bad. Together we will show everyone who ever had any doubts that all we needed was each other.


"We will create a home that is forever, for us and our children and their children until we're grey and delusional and they put us in a home. I stopped believing you would come and find me in this life but finally you did. My muse, my love and my husband, I love you."

In just a few hours, the post has already racked up 200,000 views and tens of thousands of likes.

You can watch the full video on Hall's Facebook page.