Constance Hall's wedding invitation has a beautiful gift suggestion.

Constance Hall has asked her closest family and friends to donate to her charity of choice rather than buy her and fiancé Denim Cooke a wedding gift when their nuptials roll around.

According to a photo of the invitation obtained by Kidspot, Hall wrote the couple “would love a donation to be made on the day to Rafiki Mwema who will be there and happy to accept your love”.

It’s not the first time Hall has done her bit to raise money for the charity, in 2016 harnessing the power of her loyal social media following to raise funds for the charity that supports sexually abused Kenyan girls. The initial response was overwhelming, with over $100,000 rolling in in less than a day.

In total, it’s believed the blogger has raised nearly $360,000 for Rafiki Mwema over the course of two years.

The invitation also asked guests to “dress in whatever the f*ck [they] want” and that “children are more than welcome”.

The impending wedding, set for sometime next year, comes after Cooke proposed in June and the couple announced Hall’s pregnancy in October.

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On her public Facebook page – which has a following exceeding one million people – Hall wrote of the engagement: “Lover boy wants to spent the rest of his life with me [sic]… spoiler I said yes 3 f*cking times.”

On Cooke’s page, the ins and outs of the engagement were shared.

“Now that I have joined forces with my queen and her entourage I would like to start to share a lil bit of our day to day life [sic],” Cooke wrote on his page, The Cooke Trinity.

“To let u in on something deeply personal, I have proposed marriage to Con twice in 2 months . Every time she has said “YES” . Obviously we are both hopeless romantics so recently I got down on one knee at the beach in Carnarvon and asked for the 3rd and final time [sic].”

He continued: “I felt nervous and my heart raced to the speed of my brain… I didn’t want to blurt out something ridiculous without an intro so I prepared Con for what was about to happen.”

Cooke told his followers the pair’s love has “existed before the beginning of time”, and that marrying Hall would see their souls “entwined”.

Hall and Cooke announced their relationship shortly after the disintegration of the blogger’s marriage to British carpenter, Bill Mahon, in April.

At the time, Hall wrote: “We’ve made the decision to go our own ways. This decision wasn’t made lightly, obviously he has been the love of my life but we just weren’t making each other happy any more and have lived separate lives for so long now that it just seemed to fall that way”.