PSA: Constance Hall has just launched a range of 'Mum Tum' skirts.

Perth blogger Constance Hall has launched a range of skirts she says are perfect for anyone whose weight fluctuates.

The mum-of-four said the clothing range actually came from an idea she’d had a few years ago after being unable to find the style of skirt she wanted in stores.

“I made my first Mum Tum skirt years ago because I couldn’t find a skirt with a waistband thick enough to flatter my tummy. I carry all my weight on my tummy and after kids it’s particularly soft.” she said.

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"Bohemian, flowing skirts and dresses are my favourite staple, but my options were running out.

"Everything I tried on was cutting into me and limited which tops I could wear."

The 33-year-old said the skirts stretch up to 18cm and can accommodate weight fluctuations - something that was a must for her.


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"My weight fluctuates a ridiculous amount, so any skirts with a zip or button will fit me one day and I'm dreaming the next," she said.

Constance said once she'd made the first one, she loved it so much she made six more "and have lived in them ever since".

"Eventually, I asked my mate who could actually sew to make them for me," she said.

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She said the skirt "don't discriminate" and "suit and flatter all types of bodies".

Mum Tum skirts come in sizes 8-18 in three designs, are $49.99, and available here.

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