Constance Hall just got very honest about her sex life: "It was the first time in two months."

Blogger Constance Hall has opened up about her sex life in a frank and honest post about her most recent sexual encounter.

Constance straight up told her Instagram followers on Friday that she “had sex this morning”.

However, the Perth mum-of-four didn’t make the statement to brag, adding that it was “the first time in two months” that she and her husband Bill had done the deed.

In the caption accompanying a photo of the pair, Constance explained their lack of sexual activity was because the couple had been bickering recently, but also because, ahem, self-love was just a little easier to give.

“Bill and I have been bickering for over two months.. and let’s be honest, most nights it’s easier to just have a wank,” she wrote.

Constance didn’t expand on the cause of the bickering, although in August she and Bill almost separated, but did add that the drought had broken because the pair were no longer resentful.

“Bill was being kind. Kindness is so sexy. So I decided to give him some Queen love and now we are all over each other again.”

She suggested that they rekindled their spark because took the time to have sex.

“Because I am the worlds best shag?” she wrote. “No. because we took three minutes out of our lives to show each other that we give a f-ck.”


Fans responded with nods of agreement that sexless months are an all-too-common reality of married life.

“Yep we all have those days or months! It ain’t easy when you have a family, & when you do have time to yourself, your exhausted! So kudos to you! You made the time!” wrote one commenter.

“You’re not alone,” another added. “I bet there were worse webs there last night than yours!!”

A post by the Perth mum the week before revealed that Constance had tried and failed to seduce her husband by putting on sexy underwear and shaving her armpits.

“Unfortunately for me, he walked in, took one look at me and lost his shit laughing. He thought it was a joke…. And just before I got offended I lost my shit laughing too,” she wrote.

A spontaneous babysitter and a few scotches with this smug love of my life ????????

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This isn’t the first time Constance has opened up about her sex life. In January she wrote about having parent sex – “that 3.5 minutes you get in between changing nappies and making food, where you notice that all of your kids are pretty distracted”.

The post was shared more than 33,000 times, suggesting it’s something most parents can relate to.