Constance Hall just experienced the 'scare' every mum-to-be is terrified of.

Yesterday Constance Hall experienced something many women fear when they’re pregnant.

In a Facebook post, the Like A Queen author said when she went to the toilet in the morning, she discovered blood on the toilet paper.

“I woke up this morning and went to the toilet and habitually like most women I looked at the toilet paper, expecting nothing but a wet patch,” she began.

“Only this morning the paper was covered in bright red blood.”

Hall is expecting her fifth baby with her partner, Denim Cooke. Between them they currently have six kids.


The mum-of-six immediately pushed opened the door and ran to show Denim the toilet paper. In tears, they drove to the hospital.

“I was really upset, I’ve never lost blood like that in any pregnancy. And I want this little boy so badly, he’s become a part of our every conversation, our family, we’ve named him and fantasise over what his personality will be,” she said.

After a long wait to see a doctor, the couple were reassured that everything should be OK.

“When the doctor finally saw us he said the baby looks good, his heart is beating and he’s moving around, my cervix looks good and everything should be OK. But I do have significant bleeding which does put the baby at risk.”

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Hall said all she can do now is wait and hope the baby arrives safely. The author and entrepreneur is worried her stressful year may have impacted the baby’s health.

But she did share some good news as well, in two weeks time she will marry her partner, Denim Cooke, in a low key commitment ceremony.

“But we need no paper work or churches, even our rings were under $200 each. We only need each other,” Hall wrote.

“And I need my children,” she added. “That includes you little man, I need you to stay.”

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