Constance Hall has brilliantly summed up the "confusing" reality of being a parent.

Constance Hall has shared a beautiful summary of the “confusing” reality of what it’s like being a parent, where your head and your heart are forever at odds.

The popular blogger and author’s Facebook post has been like by over 40,000 people, many of whom are nodding their heads in appreciation.

“Motherhood is so confusing,” Hall began.

“You work 24 hours a day and get asked why you don’t work.

“Your toddler actually ate dog shit yesterday yet won’t even try a meal that you slaved away to make him.”

Never one to shy away from the tough conversations, Hall went on to detail how conflicted she often feels when resenting and loving her family all at the same time.

“You feel resentful and exhausted and hard done by while head over heels in love.

“You stare at your sleeping child and the most romantic man you know, the one you chose to spend your life with appears scratching his nuts while telling you ‘now is a good time for a root.'”

She also lamented the state of social media and its propensity to only show the highlights reel of another person’s life.

“Everyone is uploading photos of themselves and their new families frolicking and holding hands in fields while you’re locking bathroom door drinking beer in the shower loathing the reflection of your dread locking pubes in the foggy mirror.


“It’s so confusing because you wouldn’t change a single thing.”

Commenters were quick to jump in and back up Hall’s beautifully honest claims, with one writing: “I have never related to anything more then I relate to this.”

“Welcome to motherhood. You’re judged if you do, judged if you don’t and fucked either way by the guilt you’ve inflicted on yourself since conception,” another commented.