Constance Hall gets real about finding love soon after her marriage breakdown.

Perth blogger Constance Hall has opened up about unexpectedly finding love with her new boyfriend soon after her marriage breakdown.

The mum-of-four told listeners the split from her husband and father of her children, Bill Mahon, had been a long time coming on her Hit Network Sunday morning radio show The Queen Sesh.

“My marriage was ending for a long time, so I was feeling pretty lonely for a really long time,” the 33-year-old said.

“And I think, a lot of the time when women finally leave a marriage, they’ve spent so much time alone and they can sometimes feel more ready than society would like them to be.”

Constance explained to her co-host Annaleise Dent why moving on with her new beau and fellow blogger Denim Cooke was worth it – despite the backlash she’d received online.

“You can’t sacrifice your own happiness because of other people’s ideals of what’s right or wrong,”

Refuting claims she’d cheated on her husband Bill, Constance said she simply “moves fast”.

“I love, love.”


The author added, though, that as her marriage broke down she hadn’t expected to be able to move on at all.

“I never thought I’d meet somebody like him either, I just thought it was like a childish dream, because I’d really got used to the idea of being married and when our marriage wasn’t really working – as a single mum-of-four-kids you don’t expect to meet somebody. You’re really just struggling to get through the day.”

She and Denim met in February and following her split from Bill grew closer and started a relationship which survived a trip to Europe that the pair embarked on along with Denim’s two boys, Sunny and Zeyke, and Constance’s children, Rumi, Snow, Arlo Love and Billie-Violet.

Best friend and co-host Anneliese voiced her approval of the budding relationship.

“When you think about Con and who she would be with, you think about Denim,” she said.

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You can follow more of Constance Hall’s adventures on her blog.