Constance Hall writes a brilliant open letter to her boys: "Be the good guy."

Blogger and author Constance Hall has shared an insightful open letter to her sons, aiming to guide them through the trials of adult life.

The raw account, posted on Hall’s Facebook page today, hits on several issues of male youth: violence, substance abuse, adultery and redefining masculinity.

The mother-of-four begins with a soft tone, encouraging her sons to embrace their gentler sides.

“Gentle and soft and kind are some of the manliest things you will ever be,” she writes.

“Before judging a women’s body remember the one that you came out of, the body that brought amazing little you into this world. That body is half of you, unrealistic expectations will only make you unhappy.”

The post continues as a how-to guide for tackling some of the bigger problems life throws at young people.

“One day your best friend will fall in love. Don’t be a dickhead about it, readjust, get a dog, learn to cook,” Hall advises.

“Encouraging adultery or benders or lies is inevitably encouraging unhappiness.”

The Like A Queen author goes on to explain it’s not just male-to-female violence we must watch out for, but all physical expressions of anger.

“We know better now, we know that all violence is wrong,” she says.

She also supplies her sons with a quick “checklist” approach to modern dating.

“Think twice before you shag. A certain level of respect must be shared between two people who shag. Would you buy her breaky in the morning? And will you answer her calls? If the answer is no, go home and have a wank,” Hall writes.

The letter closes on an affirmation of the bond shared between the mother and her sons.

“Don’t you ever forget whose son you are, when I’m angry, when I’m sad, when I’m old and even when I’m dead, I am your mum and I wholeheartedly love even your most unlovable qualities,” she said.

“And… If you move away… I will follow you.”


Since the message was posted, it’s received thousands of likes, shares and comments.

“I love this! Today is my son’s first birthday and I’m half tempted to buy another birthday card, print this out and stick it in there so he can read it when he’s older,” one user said.

“Made me cry, I have two boys and my heart melts and breaks every single day. The fear of decisions, the fear of their future,” another user said.

Mateship, focusing on bettering yourself, kindness to those around you and unconditional love — it’s the kind of letter all mothers should share.

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