Constance Hall's trip to Ireland was about far more than her book.

Constance Hall is currently touring Ireland promoting her book Like A Queen, but the popular blogger also has a very personal reason for travelling there.

In a blog post on Sunday, the 33-year-old shared that she had taken her dad’s ashes with her, and spread them over a memorial site.

“I brought my dearly departed father’s ashes with me to spread over the memorial site of one of the greatest battles of the rebellion of 1798,” she writes.

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“My 7th great grandfather was a leader in that rebellion and I spent a good majority of my life listening to Irish tales spoken from my father’s passionate lips about the rebellion and what it means to fight for freedom.”

She describes how she, along with her sister, threw the ashes out over Vinegar Hill, and how it helped her to let go of the recent stresses of her marriage breakdown and the backlash from online trolls.


“But never once letting go of the one thing I was throwing to the wind, my dad,” she writes.

Constance says her father was a “freedom fighter until the end” and his life is a great reminder to her that “going against the grain was never going to be easy”.

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“And for a brief second I just breathed him in,” she writes. “I let him be proud of me and, like I used to do as a kid who had just drawn a f**k-off picture of a cat, I gloated to him. I owned it, I knew that he backed it and loved it.”

While Constance gave her father a farewell fit for a freedom fighter, her four children spent some quality time with their dad, who is also in Ireland.

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