Constance Hall hits a chord with story of her daughter's friendship.

Constance Hall is never shy with a parenting observation, nor is she short of a story about the joys (and the pitfalls) of being a mum.

This time, the popular blogger has hit a chord with almost everyone on her newsfeed by telling a beautiful story about her young toddler, the innocence of young friendship and the innate sense of tolerance children share.

It all started when Hall went to pick up her daughter Snow from childcare last week, and she watched in awe as Snow said goodbye to one of her closest friends.

“She had to go and hug her bestie good bye, they squeezed each other so tight that they fell over,” she wrote.

Giving greater context to the beauty of the goodbye, Hall described why the embrace meant so much.

“Her bestie is Janey, Janey is Indian and has a full head of thick hair and speaks fluently and is already toilet trained.

“Snow has no hair, can’t say a word and has never once wee’d on a toilet or potty.

“The Daycare Queens told me that Janey talks baby language when with Snow to help them chat and they spend their whole day together laughing and smiling and making weird sounds,” she wrote.

More than that, Hall lamented that we don’t live in the same kind of world as Snow and Janey, where love trumps all.

Kids are often teaching us things all the time. But what about the times they make us cringe? Post continues after video.


“What a world they live in, where intelligence and race and hair goals don’t exist.
They just love each other. Snowy and Janey for the win.”

Fans of Hall were quick to share her sentiment’s sharing their own stories of their children’s friendships, and the lessons we can learn from the pure intentions of toddles.

“Love this,” one commented. “My daughter is almost 4 and her 3 best friends are Polish, Korean and Chinese and not one of them speaks a word of English! They don’t care about race! And somehow they all manage to communicate. Some adults need to take a page out of her book.”

Another shared the story of her autistic child, and the beauty of young friendship surrounding her son.

“My little fella is autistic and social language was always a barrier with the other children, so every child he became friends with had English as their second language ha ha It was gorgeous,” she wrote.

The post has since been liked by nearly 50,000 people, with so many others spending their time sharing their own, precious stories.

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