Yes, Queens! Constance Hall is writing a book.

Constance Hall, Australian blogger, mum and social activist is writing a book.

Shut up and take our money.

On a website where you can pre-order a copy of Like a Queen, Constance writes, “It has taken a lot of soul searching and lots of courage, but I’ve decided to publish my own book!”

Constance has offered up a quick snippet of what to expect in the soon to be released book on Facebook.

Part memoir, part manifesto, the book will cover off Constance’s journey through anxiety and her struggles with body image, as well as her raw and realistic take on parenting.

“Childbirth, having your baby sliced out of tummy on more drugs then you had in your 20s and the disappointment you’ll feel that none of them even slightly compare to the shittest E you’ve ever had. Or the natural and graceful act of getting un-enjoyably fisted by your #hotdoctor and then shitting all over yourself in front of everyone,” she writes.

“Kids, how to stay calm when one is pissing on your pillow another just screamed that she hates you and another just shat in the eski.

“Queens. Some of us swap slow cooker recipes and others roll each other massive spliffs to get through. But we all get through and our differences unites us.”

Constance Hall shot to fame earlier this year with an honest and hilarious post about ‘parent sex‘. With three quarters of a million followers on facebook and likely millions more reading her work, Constance focuses her work on promoting causes like proper care for women suffering depression and anxiety, but often with a comedic edge.

She also supports a Kenyan safe house for young girls who have been sexually abused – Rafiki Mwema.

Her book promises to be an honest and funny take on life as a woman and as a mother. We can’t wait to read it.

You can pre-order a copy of ‘Like a Queen’ here