Constance Hall and Bec Judd are the walking proof no two post-baby bodies are the same.

There is nothing more beautiful than acknowledging beauty need not adhere to any one shape, size or colour.

Author Constance Hall took a stand against the idea there is one way mothers should look in a bikini photo proudly shared on Instagram.

Hall’s caption was a shout-out to another mother of twins whose “post baby” body is different to hers, but is just as glorious: Channel 9 presenter Rebecca Judd.

“While @becjudd is being all sexy a couple of weeks after having twins, I too am being a sexy mofo 2 years later,” the caption read.

Fans applauded Hall for sharing the image and the message that beauty exists in every mother, no matter their size or shape.

“Love seeing so many different types of mum bods on display! You look fab! You are sexy too. Confidence is bloody sexy on any size,” one fan wrote.


“Be it 2 weeks or 2 days all mothers are gorgeous good on you @becjudd and @mrsconstancehall for being gorgeous and being you,” another fan said.

Judd was quick to respond to the post with a sweet message to the Perth mother-of-four.

“You’re hilarious lady. Looking beaut. Very jealous of your beach dayz. Bloody freezing over here,” she said.

The image also drew some fans to incorrectly view it as a sledge at Judd and continue that line of negative commentary.

However, one commenter quickly jumped to the new mum’s defense.

“Why does telling someone to ‘eat a burger’ make you feel good? @becjudd has a tall, slender frame. It doesn’t mean she’s not eating,” one user wrote.

Precisely. And regardless of what shape a woman’s body is after she gives birth, we shouldn’t be doing anything but celebrate it.

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