Constance Hall: "I have hate groups with 2000 members."

Constance Hall has opened up about the public backlash that’s only intensified since she announced her separation just over a week ago.

The popular blogger and author told Perth Now that she has “so many haters out there”.

“I have hate groups with 2000 members,” Hall said. “Recently they have printed out photos and stuck them all over Perth saying, ‘Vote 1 for Constance to be voted a s— parent’ or something like that. It gets really, really nasty.”

Hall said the groups are photoshopping her name and photo, and making out that she’s attacking other bloggers that she hasn’t even heard of.

“I find myself just rocking in the corners going, ‘They are going to win’. These people are obsessed with me.”

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Hall says the amount of vitriol she receives online has made her step back from her writing, while the chief executive of her company has suggested she hire a personal bodyguard.

Constance also considered taking out a restraining order after threats from one woman became increasingly nasty.

“We never went through with it because my lawyer works with a lot of public figures and he said historically, it just gets so much worse the further that you take it, and you just need to avoid it,” she said.


And things have only gotten worse for the online personality in the last week. When Hall announced that she has split from her husband Bill Mahon, without going into detail, the notorious oversharer was accused of not sharing enough, and the online haters came out in full force, accusing her of cheating on Bill and running away with the kids.

She sticks like glue

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The 33-year-old responded to critics in a Facebook post the next day in an attempt to set the record straight.

Hall felt there was definitely a sexist undertone in the criticism, with commenters placing the blame for the marriage breakdown squarely on Hall’s shoulders.

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“I just don’t understand why the public looks at women as calculating and manipulative whereas the men are always these easily played victims,” Hall said.

Hall rose to fame last January when a blog post she wrote about ‘parent sex’ went viral.