Constance Hall is proud of her baby-making body: "I love this rig!"

Constance Hall is one happy – and busy – woman.

Last week she gave birth to a baby boy named Raja. Then she perfectly re-created the Duchess of Cambridge’s first post-baby appearance.

And now she’s loudly and proudly celebrated her post-baby bod. In the photo posted earlier today, the author and mum of seven (she has two step kids with partner Denim Cooke) showed us her bare belly, with a caption that started, “This is my rig.”

Hall continued, “For the last 9 months it’s housed the worlds best baby. It’s also been the subject of many photos and shown off in tight dresses and midriffs.”

Explaining her pride in her amazing body, she said, “The beautiful rig that stretched to its full capacity and then stretched some more, the skin, fat, muscles and organs that kept me and my baby safe, fed, warm and alive.”

Hall also included this heart-melting line:

“This is the rig that my baby falls asleep on and my husband kisses.”


The proud mum also had a very important point to make about how society approaches women who’ve just given birth.

“The thing is that when the baby comes out comments change from “beautiful belly!!” To “don’t worry you’ll lose that”.”

It’s a commentary to which Hall is drawing attention, because there should be no shame associated with birth or motherhood.

“I fucking love this rig,” Hall continued.

“I’ve worked hard to earn it and I’m proud of it, I’m proud of anything that brought this beautiful baby into the world.”

Recently Hall, already a mum to Billie-Violet, Arlo-Love, twins Rumi and Snow, and step-kids Zeyke and Sunny, declared her latest pregnancy has been especially treasured as her “last ever baby bump“, which is how she captioned a photo on the day before she gave birth. Hall also wrote an open letter to the bump, explaining to it, “I simply cannot wait to sniff you tomorrow.”

We love that the busy new mum has found the time to send a strong message to all post-partum mums to be proud of their miraculous bodies.