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1. ‘I questioned his motives for the show.’ MAFS’ Connie has spotted red flags in her relationship with Jonethen.

In truly devastating news, MAFS contestants Jonethen and Connie (aka the shining light of the season) are showing the first signs of struggling in their relationship.

Connie recently told NW magazine that Jonethen’s desire for fame is getting in the way of their marriage.

“During the honeymoon, he couldn’t stop talking about being on TV and Instagram, which concerned me a lot,” Connie told the publication.

 “It was all he talked about and it was a red flag. I absolutely questioned his motives for the show.”

Say it ain’t so.


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Sadly, this isn’t the first time Jonethen’s Instagram obsession has caused trouble for Connie.

During last night’s commitment ceremony, Connie told the experts that Jonethen was spending too much time glued to his phone and looking at Instagram.

Here’s hoping for Connie’s sake that the pair can move past their issues.

Guess we’ll find out when Married At First Sight returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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2. Tanya Hennessy just spilled all the tea on what really happens behind the scenes on I’m A Celeb.

Earlier this year, we watched 14 celebrities compete in bizarre challenges in the South African jungle on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!


And now former contestant Tanya Hennessy is spilling all the tea about what really happens behind the scenes on the show.

“None of it is scripted and we are never prompted by the producers… in fact, we never see the producers at all,” she shared on her YouTube channel.

“The only time you see the producers is when you do the trials and that’s when you go out of camp.”

She also said travelling to and from the trials is not as simple as it looks on TV.

“You leave the camp, walk for a little bit and they put a blindfold on you… they put you in a car and again they would blindfold you in the car and then you would get out of the car still blindfolded. Then you would find out what the trial was when you got there.”

Speaking of the trials, Hennessy confirmed the bizarre food contestants are forced to eat is very much real.

In fact, the producers “try all of it” before the contestants do, to determine how many stars each dish is worth.


The comedian and radio host also got candid about jungle life and that one time she cried about a sock.

“Going without food makes you crazy, that’s why I cried about a sock, I went crazy. Plus, I had a UTI, I don’t need to make excuses okay. I lost it about a sock, I own it. I’m sorry.”

She also admitted that when you’re stuck in a jungle with other celebrities for three weeks, things start to… smell.

“I went days without showering. I wore the same bra for three weeks and I sweated so hard in there.”

“Everyone stunk so much that you know when your hair smells because you haven’t washed it in ages? No one cares… because it just smelled disgusting.”

3. The Bachelor’s Chelsie and Jamie were pictured together, so now, of course, everyone’s saying they’re dating.

Another day, another Bachie dating rumour.

2019 Bachelor-winner, Chelsie McLeod, and 2019 Bachelorette contestant, Jamie Doran, were seen together at a Melbourne-based event for Vogue Dental Studios, so you can bet fans jumped to the conclusion that they were dating.

For those unaware, Chelsie, 28, was astrophysicist, Matt Agnew’s chosen contestant before they announced their breakup in November 2019. Their relationship lasted six months after filming, or three months after the season finale aired.

To be fair, Jamie did share two rather intimate-looking photos of himself and Chelsie from the day. The first featured the pair sitting together with the caption, “The real MVP of 2019!” with a heart emoji, and a now-deleted second post, which again showed him and Chelsie sitting together with the caption: “the best thing to happen in 2019/2020”.

Chelsie Mcleod Jamie Doran
Look. We can see why fans might have been confused. Image: Instagram @jamiecdoran.

However, Chelsie has since debunked any rumours of a new relationship. On Monday morning she shared an Instagram story of herself, confirming that she is "single".

"Lol @jamiecdoran can't be friends apparently," she wrote.

Now look... not to point fingers, but surely she can see how we might have been confused.

Okay then... Image: Instagram @chelsiemcleod.

4. Oh. MAFS' Cathy just opened up about the other brides wanting to 'get close' to her husband, Josh.

Cathy and Josh mafs
Cathy and Josh are one of the strongest couples on this year's season of MAFS. Image: Channel Nine.

Cathy and Josh are one of the strongest couples on this year's season of Married At First Sight. Hence, we must protect them at all costs.

In a recent interview with TV WEEKCathy admitted that other brides would try to flirt with her husband while on the show. She added that she would become jealous of the other women when they did so.

"I thought, 'Oh God, I get it. I've got the hottest guy here at the table and every bride here wants to sit next to him and get close,'" she told the publication.

Referencing one bride in particular, Cathy said: "She was really close with him, kind of all over him. I was getting jealous. I thought, 'Well, why are you sitting there talking to her and laughing with her and letting her touch you? I'm not okay with that.'"

Despite the slight jealousy, all signs point to Cathy and Josh still being together after filming for the show has ended.

You see, after recently doing a joint interview with Nova's Fitzy and Wippa, radio host Fitzy commented: "Before we came in for the interview, Cathy was picking at Josh's hair, saying 'You've got something in your hair'. Now if they weren't together, there's no way you would have done that."

We believe you, Fitzy.

5. One week ago, Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally quietly welcomed a baby boy.

One week ago, Cyrell Paule and on-again boyfriend Eden Dally welcomed a baby boy.

The former Married at First Sight 2019 and Love Island 2018 stars announced the birth via New Idea Magazine this morning, with neither of them posting the news to their social media accounts.

Cyrell told the publication she was rushed to hospital two weeks before her due date and took “probably every drug you could take during labour” before giving birth to a healthy 3kg baby boy.


“I ended up getting cut as well, and because I genuinely couldn’t push anymore, he also had to get suctioned out,” she said.

Labelling her four-hour labour and birth experience as “traumatic,” Cyrell, 30, says she and Eden are calling their son “bub” for the moment, until they decide on a name.

Cyrell, nicknamed ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ for her fiery personality on MAFS, hasn’t been media shy since leaving the show – posting regular pregnancy updates, relationship news and Instagram commentary about fellow contestants.

For more on Cyrell and Eden's relationship, read our earlier article here. 

Feature Image: Instagram @jonethen/ Channel Nine.

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