Samuel Johnson' sister is not impressed he is quitting acting.

Connie Johnson has publicly dressed down her brother Samuel Johnson for announcing his decision to quit acting in favour of raising money for cancer

The siblings have been working together on their charity called Love Your Sister since Connie was diagnosed with  breast cancer at the age of 33.

Samuel posted an update to Facebook on Thursday announcing he’s giving up his 25-year acting career so he may better serve the charity and raise the $10 million he has previously pledged to cancer research.

But his big sister was not happy with her brother’s decision not to run it by her before announcing it to all and sundry.

“Giving up acting Samuel? At 38 years of age? Bit soon wouldn’t you say?” she wrote.

Did you think about this? Were you drunk? There’s no rule against you talking to me before you make such a big decision. You and your tanties, you should’ve grown out of them by now silly. All power to you but don’t go cutting off your nose to spite your face dear brother.

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Giving up acting Samuel? At 38 years of age? Bit soon wouldn’t you say? All power to you but don’t go cutting off your…

Posted by Love Your Sister on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Connie was also critical of Samuel’s choice of words, posting a picture of herself with a bar of soap and the suggestion he wash his mouth out.

Do I have to bring the swear jar out again? We have worked hard to build a platform from which we can speak and be heard. Do you really want to put people off by being crass and, frankly, lazy? Just because swearing is everywhere doesn’t mean you have to say yes to it. You might think it gives you street cred but have you thought that it might actually be diluting our message?

Despite her sisterly scorn, Connie did cut her brother some slack. After all, he only gave up acting out of love for her.

I’m so proud of you and so touched that you would make such a personal sacrifice for me and all the other Aussie’s [sic] like me. You really are an ok bloke. I’ll keep you for a bit longer.

Watch Samuel Johnson is his last ever (maybe) acting role as Molly Meldrum.

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