Video shows the beautiful moment Connie Johnson learns her brother became a Logie winner.

When Samuel Johnson was announced as the winner of the Best Actor award during Sunday night’s Logies, it’s hard to imagine anyone being more ecstatic than his little sister and biggest fan, Connie.

The 37-year-old, who recently decided to halt treatment for her third battle with cancer, was unable to attend the ceremony but was watching on eagerly from home.

Connie watching on, fingers crossed. Image: Love Your Sister.

Footage uploaded to the Facebook page of Love Your Sister, the fundraising organisation launched by the brother-sister duo, captures Connie and friends crowded around a mobile phone as the nominees are read out.

Her fingers are crossed tightly until she hears her brother's name announced for his acclaimed performance in Molly, a mini-series based on the life of Ian 'Molly' Meldrum.

The group erupts. Connie cheers, pumps her fists, her grin as broad as her brother's.

Watch Connie's reaction video below.

Connie was 11 years old when she first suffered an unusual tumour in a bone in her leg, before she overcame another in her womb at 22. Now, it has spread to her lungs, liver, pelvis, spine and knee.


It's terminal, but in his acceptance speech, the star told the audience his sister is “going to go out fighting.”

“I love you Connie, I love you,” Johnson yelled with a smile, holding his award aloft.

Samuel, with his Gold Logie. Image: Getty.

Johnson also used his speech to announce a fundraising effort in which Connie aimed to create the world's longest row of coins.

“It’s only $2.90 to buy one metre of five cent coins," he said. "The heart is being made in 12 days and, on behalf of my beautiful sister Connie who I dedicate this award to, I’d like to urge any family watching, affected by cancer or not, to join us in our quest.”

The website subsequently crashed, but is now back up and running. To donate head here.

Johnson went on to win the Gold Logie later in the evening.