Connie Johnson is facing her final days, and still she's found a reason to be grateful.

She’s in her final days, she’s in a hospice, but still Love Your Sister‘s Connie Johnson is showing the same courage and love and gratitude and light she’s carried throughout her ordeal.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the 40-year-old mother-of-two admitted that lately “it’s been hard for me to find the positives”.

It’s the first post on the page from Connie herself in weeks.

When she was admitted to hospice care at the end of July, her brother, Logie award winning actor and co-founder of charity Love Your Sister Samuel Johnson shared with followers “this is the most difficult thing she’s ever had to face“.

Now, Connie has told her followers that at the same time as she’s “mourning the loss of lots of her bodily function”, she is grateful for her mind, and her children, and her friends.

“I can’t walk anymore. Breathing has become difficult with the swelling of the liver,” she wrote, alongside an image of herself in a pink beanie sitting outside.

“Sitting up is difficult with the swollen abdomen. Eating has become a bit of a chore rather than something pleasurable and I have been feeling cheated out of those normal daily experiences.”

“But today I realised that I still have my mind, there’s no cancer there. I still have my hands and my arms for hugging my children, I still have eyesight for seeing my friends, I still have my hearing for lovely conversations and music. I still have a couple of hours a day when I can do my craft. These are things to celebrate, I just feel so wonderfully happy!”

And just like that Connie has shown us that she’s still herself. Right to the very end. The cancer, no matter how aggressive, will never take that away from her or those she loves.

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