The secret to Connie Britton's healthy, shiny hair? FEMINISM.

Feeling frizzy, brittle… a little oppressed? Connie will sort you out.

American actress and possessor of exceptionally luscious locks Connie Britton has finally revealed her hair secrets in a new video.

“After years of being asked about my healthy, shiny hair, I am thrilled to share my beauty secret with you,” she says.

Guess what it is? No, go on, just guess.

“It’s feminism!”

That’s right. Supporting the rights of women and fighting for equality between the sexes can also make your hair look great! (Of course it can!)

And it’s not just for women either. Men can benefit from feminism too.

I’ll let Connie explain:

As Connie says, when applied correctly feminism can have amazing results — and not just for your hair.

Like a woman’s right to vote, for example, or her right to control her own body or the US’ Violence Against Women Act.

Just a warning though, it may also cause side effects. These include but are not limited to, closing the gender pay gap, educating 62 million girls worldwide currently being denied that opportunity  and an end to gender-based violence.

Still not sure what she’s on about?


I’ll take ten.