Four instant ways to give your confidence a well-earned boost.

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It’s inevitable: there are some days when your confidence is at Beyoncé level, and other days when it ranks a measly two-out-of-10.

While self-confidence is a lifelong project, there are simple things you can do on these two-out-of-10 doozies to give you an instant confidence boost. It’s time to feel empowered, walk a little taller and reclaim your ability to slay.

Reclaim your ability to slay. Image: Giphy

Summon your fan club.

That’s right, it’s time to gather your crew. Calling on your inner circle of friends is an instant confidence booster – these are the people that always have your back no matter what.

Reach out to them and you’re guaranteed a solid pep talk, a reminder of your awesomeness and the confirmation that even though you may not feel like you are, you’re killing it.

Pick up the phone, send a text, or communicate through ESP if that’s more your thing. Whichever your choice, you’ll end up ready to take on the world.

Be like Wonder Woman.

Full disclosure: I’ve heard of this but have never actually tried it myself. In saying that, there’s only one way to find out if it works, right?

Power posing is the act of sitting or standing in a confident or dominant position, even when you feel anything but.


Basically you’re making your body fake it until you make it. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy, who presented her research at TedGLOBAL in 2012 explained the science behind the power pose logic. Doing your best Wonder Woman impersonation for even just two minutes, raises testosterone levels and lowers those hormones responsible for stress.

Go on, strike a pose.

Power posing works guys. Image: Warner Brothers Television.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Some days when I’m really not feeling it, I’m not feeling it in all areas of my life. I look around and my bedroom is in shambles, there is only questionable food in the fridge and work seems like a minefield of potential stuff-ups and missteps.

To the outside world, my waning confidence will usually manifest in how I look, and the clothes that I have managed to scrape together for that day. Dire times. When I feel my confidence flagging, and everything crowding in I know it’s time to rebuild, starting from the basics.

That’s right, I’m talking underwear. It’s time to trash those saggy briefs and tatty bras that aren’t making the most of what you’ve got. It’s time to rebuild. Never underestimate the power of a perfectly fitting bra.


"Never underestimate the power of a perfectly fitting bra." Image: Sundial Pictures (The Obvious Child).

Gain confidence from the underneath with Triumph Magic Boost. It allows you to reclaim your shape, and feel like you’re ready to take on anything. It’s a secret trick that can boost your confidence that little bit more every day.

Triumph’s range of ‘Push-Up’, ‘Lift-Up’ and ‘Shape-Up’ in the Magic Boost range mean there is something for everyone – anytime you need that extra confidence boost, so that you can feel your best.

When you feel good, it shows.

Get physical.

Yes, exercise seems to be the solution for most of our problems. And we get it, when you’re stuck in a rut, or feeling particularly down and out it can be hard to get up and get active. But this approach is a two for one – you’re doing both your body and mind some good.

In terms of boosting confidence, it’s more about actually getting moving in your own way, whether that’s a walk, a sweaty gym sesh or a lap or two in the pool. Add in a play slay-list of the fail-safe tunes to help you get your strut on (read: anything Beyoncé).

How do you reclaim your confidence?

Speaking of slay. Here's our 'Slay List' to get your confidence levels rising: