Kim Kardashian's Paris concierge has shared a different side to the robbery in an open letter.

The concierge of the exclusive Paris hotel where Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint has shared his side of the story almost a week after the incident.

The unnamed man wrote an open letter to the 35-year-old reality TV star, defending his behaviour in the wake of reports claiming he had remained extremely calm throughout the terrifying ordeal.

This guy is always in my shot!

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Kardashian West is understood to have told police the concierge was ‘suspiciously cool’ when confronted by the attackers and put into handcuffs.

Writing in French magazine Closer, the 40-year-old insists he, like Kardashian West, was a victim in the situation.


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“Dear Kim: When you feel the cold steel of a gun at your neck, it is the moment when remaining calm can mean the difference of life or death, both our lives,”  he stated.

The letter closed with the line, “I hope you are feeling better.”

Kardashian West reportedly turned to the concierge during the assault, asking if they were going to die. The latter replied with composure, “I don’t know.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is now home with her family in the US as she recovers from the incident.