A large number of people in NZ are buying 'breast milk' from the supermarket.

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For just over 24-hours it’s been possible for New Zealanders to purchase ‘breast milk’ from their local supermarkets. No, really.

Lewis Road Creamery have repackaged one of their popular milk products to raise money for breast cancer research and it’s left a bad taste in the mouths of some breastfeeding advocates.

Julie Stutfkens, chief executive of the New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority, labelled the campaign as ‘misguided’ and said it was disrespectful toward women.  

“Labelling a cow’s milk product as breast milk is not acceptable,” she told

“The product does not contain any human milk and does not come from a breast but an udder.”

Clearly she was not mooved.

The product, which will be available for the next three months, was developed collaboratively by the creamery and Breast Cancer Cure — who pitched the idea to the company.

The charity will receive 20 cents from every bottle sold, which they plan to put towards breast cancer research.


Lewis Road spokeswoman Angela Weeks agreed the campaign was bold, but hoped people would get behind the cause.

“The last thing we want to do is mislead customers which is why the bottle clearly states twice on the front that it is cow’s milk and twice on the back,” Weeks said.

“It also has Breast Cancer Cure’s logo on the front of the bottle to communicate the fundraising aspect.”

I’m udderly convinced. How about you?

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Would you drink a bottle of ‘breast milk’?

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