The 6 words you've been mispronouncing your whole entire life.

Yes, well. I’ve been pronouncing ‘resume’ wrong my whole life and it’s only in the last six months anyone bothered to tell me.

I say reshu-may.

“Yo, you wanna see ma reshu-may? I gots a reshu-may you might be interested in!” That kind of thing.

Apparently at no point in the word ‘resume’ should you make a sound anything like ‘shhhh’. It’s pronounced ‘re-sooo-may’. A bit posh. Like you’re putting on an accent. 

This had me wondering how many other words I’ve been mispronouncing that everyone else is simply too polite to pull me up on and oh, goodness.

Here are the six shockingly simple words so many of us are getting wrong:



It’s not reeee-search, as in two separate sounds. There is no ‘eee’ sound at all.

Instead, it’s reseeerch, with ‘re’ rhyming with… ‘Myrrh’ and I’m not sure that analogy helps at all.

On an unrelated note, writing down sounds is far harder than I anticipated.

LISTEN: We’ve been pronouncing Barbra Streisand’s name wrong all along… Post continues.


If you thought it was ‘i-thur’ you are definitely wrong and, yes, I am one of those people.

It’s pronounced ee-thur, and I just don’t know how to reprogram my brain to say that word properly now.


I’ve heard people with my own ears pronounce this word as hyper-bowl and honey, no.

It’s high-purrr-boly, and is most definitely more than two syllables.


This is one of those stupid words that is pronounced far differently to how it is spelt, which is both rude and misleading.

I’ve heard ‘miss-cheeve-ius’ a lot, with an emphasis on the ‘i’. But, in fact, the ‘i’ is virtually silent.

It’s pronounced, ‘mis-chuh-vuhs’ and why does everything have to be so hard?


No. ‘T’.

There. Is. Never. A. ‘T’. Sound.

It’s ‘offen’ like ‘Ofglen’ from The Handmaid’s Tale only less… sad.

Et cetera

Why did no one ever teach me how to speak properly I am calling my mum immediately. 

This, conversely, is pronounced exactly how it’s spelt, which begs the question: Why have I been saying ‘exetra’ for… always?

What words do you hear people mispronounce all the time?

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