This OBGYN answered all the most common pregnancy FAQs. And they're... brilliant.

Being pregnant is a minefield.

There’s about a million things you should be doing, another million things you definitely should not be doing, and at least a million and one people to yell at you about it online.

In a world filled with seemingly endless, often conflicting information, a trip to the obstetric gynecologist is a chance to put your mind at ease as all your niggling worries are brushed to the side by an actual medical expert. Yay, science!

Undoubtedly, there are many important questions and concerns which crop up in most consultations.

To save both parties some time, one sassy doctor hung this illuminating sign in the waiting room of their office…

Source: Reddit

The photo was shared on Reddit by a pregnant woman who stumbled on it while waiting for her appointment.

Admittedly, it doesn't give the most scientific answers, but what it lacks in usefulness it makes up for in hilarity, so mums-to-be can put their minds at ease.

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