Think you're cleansing your skin properly? Here are 5 mistakes you're probably making.

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So, you've got the whole cleansing thing down pat, huh? Course you do. As the first step in any basic skincare routine, you've probably never questioned whether you're washing your face correctly. How hard can it be, right? 

But here's the thing. It turns out there are some major no-nos when it comes to cleansing your face properly. And while it might seem like a pretty unimportant step, these mistakes could have a massive implication to your skin.


While things like double cleansing and exfoliating regularly have become a normal part of your routine, the fact is that a lot of experts have been advising against these kinds of practices.

While Instagram and social media will make you feel like all the latest skincare trends are a necessity (double cleansing, we're looking at you), having the basics down pat is actually extremely underrated. And here are a few key things you need to avoid at all costs.

Ready to cleanse your skin the *right* way? Let's go.

1. You're over-cleansing.

Real talk: You're probably over-cleansing your skin. Yes, you!

Double-cleansing may be all the rage, but seriously - you need to be careful about over-stripping your skin. Especially if you're on the dry, sensitive, irritate-y side of things. 

Experts agree that most skin types do not need to double cleanse, and that over-washing the skin can actually lead to something called trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). 

This is when your skin struggles to hold on to any moisture because you've stripped it of its oils and natural barrier protection.

You monster!

If you're over-cleansing your skin, you'll start to notice things like dryness, flakiness, dullness and itchiness. Your skin might also start to feel rough and uneven. No good.

While there are some variations about how often we need to cleanse most dermatologists will agree that cleansing your face once or twice a day is enough to clean, but not dry out the skin. 

So, do your skin a favour and stop over-cleansing it. Mmmkay?

2. You don't take your makeup off before bed.

If you completely skip the whole cleansing step on the regular and hop into bed with a face full of makeup, please sit. We need to have a stern word with you.


Cleanse. Your. Face.

During the day our skin is exposed to dirt sweat, grime, makeup and other nasty stuff, so cleansing your skin is a non-negotiable. 

Leaving the day’s pore-clogging irritants on your skin gives it the chance to sink in and do damage overnight. We're talking redness, irritation, dryness and breakouts - and that's just to name a few. 


To make sure you do the job properly (and keep Captain Planet on your side), we recommend reaching for Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, $13.99 and the new Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads, $16.99 (way better for the environment than those one-use cotton balls/pads).

These guys are the perfect duo to not only cleanse the skin and remove makeup more effectively (psst... Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads remove 100% of visible makeup* - NO BIGGIE), but also more sustainably.

Just how sustainable are we talkin'? Well, to put things into perspective, one Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pad is washable up to 1,000 times. Meaning? Zero daily cotton pad waste. 


To cleanse your skin and remove makeup, just add Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to the Reusable Eco Pad (put that bad boy to work) and gently swipe your eyes, face and lip areas until all your makeup is removed and your skin feels fresh and cleansed. Nice!

To clean your Micellar Reusable Eco Pads, you can simply hand wash them with soap and water after each use. For a deeper clean, chuck 'em in the washing machine with your laundry once a week (ditch the fabric softener for this cycle) and lay them out flat to dry. Easy as pie! 

The best part? The pads feel like an absolute dream on the skin - they're soft (even after washing!), hygienic and perfect for dames with sensitive skin. 

Image: Garnier 


Image: Garnier 

3. You're scrubbing too hard.

Don't... do this. Your skin is delicate and does *not* want to be scrubbed with harsh apricot granules every, single, day. Kay?

While it may feel like going in hard is a good thing to do, healthy skin only needs a gentle exfoliation to keep it smooth. So, lay off it a bit. Geez.

If you're going in too hard, you'll not only end up irritating your poor face (please welcome redness, flakiness and the whole gang), but you could also make common conditions like acne, rosacea or sensitive skin a hundred times worse. Which is really not ideal.

Our advice? Less is more, friend.

4. You're using the wrong water temperature. 

Omg, how hot have you got that thing? Turn it down! 

One of the dirtiest myths getting around the face washing scene is that an extreme water temperature = a better clean. This is not a thing, and whoever made it up is in BIG trouble. 

In fact, using really hot water on your face could do more harm than good, messing with the skin’s natural defence mechanisms and causing it to become irritated and dry.

Instead, opt for washing your face with tepid water. It's just as effective at removing dirt, oil, and grime, but does not harm and over-dry the skin. 

5. You're neglecting your neck.

In case you missed it: Your face stops at your boobs, you guys. 

We've drilled it into you that you should always be applying sun protection all the way down your neck and your chest, right? Well, the same deal goes for cleansing, too. 

Your neck is exposed to the same dirt, grime and pollution as your face (not to mention makeup and sunscreen), so everything you do to your face, you should do to your neck.

Remember that the skin on your neck is a little bit thinner than your face, so the signs of ageing come about quicker than any other area would in the form of neck wrinkles, creases, sun spots and loose skin.

So, spread the love all the way down your neck. Cleansing, treatments, moisturising - the whole shebang!

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(*This was based on an evaluation of makeup removal on 51 subjects with a scale grade, and they judged "very good makeup removal" with 3 Reusable Eco Pads by the expert. Just saying.)

Are you guilty of any of the above mistakes? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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