The colour of this woman's hair is starting more fights than The Dress.

This woman may just have the power to divide the internet once more.

Whether you saw “The Dress” as white and gold (yes, obviously) or blue and black (rigggggght), there is no denying that for a full 24 hours the internet basically sh*t itself. Twitter was a mess of hashtags, and marriages probably ended over what was essentially basic science. Welcome to the internet.

So when we saw this video of 24-year-old musician Sabrina Abu-Obeid’s colour-changing hair, we knew this was dangerous territory. We’ve been here before. It wasn’t pretty.

You can basically blame Sabrina’s boyfriend.

He saw her hair… and then saw it change before his very eyes.

It’s obviously violet…

So he decided to document the change through a video and ask the internet: Is her hair pink, violet, blue or purple?

Please decide in the next minute or so and then DEFEND YOUR POSITION TIL DEATH.


Tell us what you think in the comments. We won’t argue. Much.

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