Heartbreaking footage before plane crash shows young co-pilot thrilled to be taking her first flight.

A video filmed in the cockpit of the plane that crashed in Colombia earlier this week shows the young co-pilot talking excitedly in the lead up to take off.

Sisy Arias, 29, was co-piloting her first civilian flight and was among the 71 people, including all but two of a popular Brazilian football team, who died when it went down after a suspected fuel shortage.

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“We are ready to offer them the best service,” she told a reporter in the video, which also features a number of other airline staff.

“One thing that is very important to know is that the team is using a Bolivian airline to take them to Medellin, even though they are a Brazilian team”.

So Proud to be a Fly Girl#Florida#Aviation

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Another co-pilot described them as “a great team at the bottom that had managed to climb up and now they are in the final.”

“It is the second time we transport them. The first time was when they reached the quarterfinals. They are going with a lot of hope and with a lot of luck. I think we’ll return with good results.”


Arias was a well-known model in Colombia and the daughter of a journalist, Jorge Arias, who is currently on his way to identify her body.

He paid tribute to her on social media writing, “I hope God will keep her in his glory. My girl, I love you, I loved you and I will always love you.”

He added that his wife was struggling to come to terms with the loss.

“My wife feels that Sisy is alive, but we know that the disaster has been confirmed.

“I spoke to my daughter before she flew and I advised her not to forget all the things she has learned.

Arias brother, Junior Arias Paravicini, also paid tribute to her on Facebook saying he would miss her for the rest of his life.

“I have no words to express all the pain and emptiness I feel,’ he wrote.

“You were my soul mate and you left me, you left us, to our fathers, your sons, your brothers and all the people who loved you, you were the most noble person I’ve ever met, hope to see you again when God by the end of my road.”

Only two staff members were among the six survivors of the wreckage.

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