Collette Dinnigan's Young Hearts kidswear caused an all out war at ALDI.

She’s an iconic Australian fashion designer and yesterday, Collette Dinnigan released her Young Hearts kidswear range to discount supermarket chain, ALDI.

To say it was popular would be an understatement. In fact, her release became an all out war between parents keen to get their hands on her designer wares.

WATCH the video below to see the collection. Post continues after the video…

Eager shoppers started lining up outside ALDI stores at 7:30am on Wednesday. The collection is a limited edition children and toddler’s range, so it was one many parents didn’t want to miss out on.

Once the doors opened, it was on for young and old. Mostly mothers and grandmothers were in the hustle trying to grab as many beautiful items as they could.

Rebecca Judd's daughter Billie wearing the range. Image via Instagram.

ALDI shopper, Nicole Swift, told Sydney Morning Herald that some of the buyers were "feral" in their attempts to grab an item or two from collection.


"They were working in teams and just grabbing everything in an age range and pulling it out of its bag," she told the publication.

The Young Hearts range. Image via @collettedinnigan Instagram.

For those who didn't manage to get anything, never fear, online shopping has come to your rescue - but for double or triple the price.

The purpose of having the sale at ALDI was to make designer clothing accessible to the masses. It's unfortunate that some people have taken advantage of this opportunity to hike up the price when reselling the items online.

The resales have started online. Image via Gumtree.

In store, the most expensive item was $29.95 and the cheapest was $11.95. Items are now being sold online for $50 and upwards.

Retail workers expect the supermarket range to sell out in the next few days, so if you're keen to have a designer baby, or child make sure you get in there fast.

Yet it will probably be slim pickings. As the saying goes; run don't walk.

Would you line up to dress your child in designer wear?

TAP ON THE IMAGE to see Collette Dinnigan and her designer wear...

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