MKR judge Colin Fassnidge's 5-year-old daughter wields a massive kitchen knife.

It seems knife vocational training starts early in the Fassnidge household.

Renowned chef and My Kitchen Rules Judge Colin Fassnidge has shared a picture of his five-year-old daughter Maeve wielding a pretty sizeable knife as she cuts into a block of cheese.

As well as showing off his youngest’s impressive knife skills, the 43-year-old was also giving his 48,600 Instagram followers a little insight into his parenting philosophy…

“We don’t do cotton wool kids in our house,” he wrote in the caption, “you cut yourself you don’t do it again…… start cooking young.”

Refreshingly, most of the commenters applauded both Maeve’s culinary prowess and Fassnidge’s laid-back attitude (#parentinggoals), with several saying they’ve taken the same approach in their own households.

“My 11 and 7 year old cook dinner once a week and my 5 yr old helps out all the time……. Plus they complain when the knives are blunt [sic],” wrote one follower.

“We’re the same with gardening,” commented another. “Never underestimate what kids are capable of!”

Hmm, tiny kids cooking, tiny foodies judging…

BRB. We’ve got a TV show to pitch.