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"He's off the leash now." In a deleted I'm a Celebrity scene, Colin Fassnidge discusses Pete Evans.

This year, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! has aired Robert 'Dipper' DiPierdomenico doing the 'WAP' dance and Toni Pearen being bitten by a snake multiple times on her face during a challenge.

But uh, it supposedly didn't air a conversation between campmates about former My Kitchen Rules celebrity chef turned unicorn emoji enthusiast Pete Evans.

Evans was reportedly set to appear on this season of the show but was dumped by Channel 10 after he shared a cartoon on social media that included a Nazi symbol.

Watch: Pete Evans on 60 Minutes in June 2020. Post continues below video.

Video via Nine.

His spot was then filled by his former MKR co-star Colin Fassnidge, who received a last-minute call-up and entered the camp on day four.

In the deleted scene, which was leaked to, Fassnidge spoke to Grant Denyer and Abbie Chatfield about Evans, who has made headlines regularly for sharing misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and various other internet conspiracies.

In April 2020, Evans received a $25,000 fine by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for claiming a light machine can treat COVID-19. 

In the scene, Fassnidge told his campmates about a strange dream he'd had involving Evans.

(Side note: The dream involved bolognese and Evans crying).

He told them he hadn't spoken to Evans about the post that saw him removed from the show.

"I speak to him every now and then, [but] not since he got in trouble," Fassnidge said. "I don't agree with what he says but I worked with the guy for nine years."

Image: Channel 10.


Asked if Evans was always "alternative", Fassnidge said his beliefs had escalated over time.

"Yeah, but not as out there," Fassnidge replied. "He's off the leash now."

The chef added that Evans would often discuss former US President Donald Trump off-camera during filming days, "long before Trump was gone".

"He was always pro-Trump. Me and Manu [Feildel] would be like, 'What?' And then you're just like, don't get into an argument. It's not worth it because he can go for hours."

However, Fassnidge did suggest the negative press which follows Evans "non-stop every day" was unfair.

"He courts it," Denyer responded.

"For your kids as well, they're the collateral damage," Fassnidge said.

"But he does court it," Denyer repeated.

Speaking to the camera in a confessional, Fassnidge seemed to refer the Evans' cartoon featuring the Nazi symbol.

"He's gotten in a lot of trouble lately for his views. I do not agree with any of the views.

"The media is absolutely hounding him, whether that's his own making, well, you know," he said.

"There're jokes and there're jokes and there's clever and there's clever, you've overstepped the boundary on that one. There're some things you just don't do," he said.

According to Rob McKnight of TV Blackbox, who spoke with Nova's Fitzy & Wippa, Evans was "dumped" whilst in the mandatory pre-show quarantine, about to enter the jungle.

"At 6:30 am the call came through from [Channel 10 executive] Bev McGarvie to ITV the production house. She said, 'he's out, do not let him go into the jungle'. He is now packing up his bags and returning to Byron Bay and he is apparently furious.

"Executives at Channel 10 have done the right thing this morning. I think his TV career is done and dusted. No one will touch him," McKnight continued.

Evans has not addressed the casting call publicly.

I'm a Celebrity continues Sunday, 7.30pm on Channel 10.