Everything you need to know about Coles Little Treehouse, the new collectables kids will love.

Thanks to our brand partner, Coles

It's been a tough year and we need all the extra joy we can get... and if that's in the form of teeny-tiny collectable books, we'll take it.

This year, Coles is changing the game with its new and exclusive Coles Little Treehouse 24-book series.

Developed by bestselling children's author and illustrator duo Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, these little stories will inspire and entertain kids (a win for those of us who are parents!).

Coles Little Treehouse author Andy Griffiths with the new mini collection. Image: Supplied.

Coles Little Treehouse 24-book series. Image Supplied.

We’ve already been obsessed with Stikeez, Little Shop and other minis, but this range of collectables is bringing something new to the checkout that's both interactive and enviro-friendly. And anything that promotes a lifelong love of learning gets a tick in our books.

Hearing your calls for more sustainable options, Little Treehouse books are printed on FSC certified paper which is recyclable at home (though you'll probably want to keep these).

This collection has a "gift of giving" element too, while offering your kids the chance to win some pretty great prizes. 

The limited edition books follow Andy, Jill, Terry and other well-loved Treehouse characters on new adventures. Titles include Barky the Barking Dog, Terry and the Tooth Fairy, Silky the Flying Cat, and Bill the Postman, and they all have fun activities and jokes inside to keep young readers occupied, entertained and learning (win-win-win!). 

The limited edition books. Image Supplied.

Along with the 24 books to collect, there will also be three fluoro rare books and just 100 Super Rare Gold Books to be found by some extra-lucky bookworms.

Shoppers will receive one Little Treehouse book with every $30 they spend in store or online from July 29th


The incentives and extras with this new collection is what makes it so interesting. It’s set up with a creative writing competition so kids can win books for their school and prizes for themselves. 

Here's what your kids can win: 

The top five creative story-tellers will pick up a $1,000 gift card as well as 1,000 books for their schools. They’ll also take home a bespoke edition of The 13-Storey Treehouse boasting a unique illustration of them on the cover. 

The top six to 100 winners will not be left disappointed with a $100 gift card up for grabs, along with 100 books for their schools.

Coles has partnered up with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to help support literacy standards in remote Indigenous communities and gift thousands of new books to communities where there are no libraries or bookstores.

For every entry you make into the competition, one book will be donated to the foundation, which means getting behind this collectable craze is even more worthwhile!

This collectables series really is the gift that keeps on giving… And what could feel better than giving to others? 

Each of the 24 books will also be made available for all Australians as audiobooks on You may just recognise some of the voices of famous Aussies reading them...

So there you have it, the lowdown on the new Collectables range now available at Coles. We think it's pretty special and can't wait to get started on our collection.


At Coles, we believe the love of reading begins with a good book. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, creators of the inspiring and bestselling Treehouse series, to bring you Coles Little Treehouse! There are 24 amazing stories and activities to bring the magic of storytelling and kids imagination to life. Find out more at