There's a huge problem with this ice cream sandwich. It's freaking us the hell out.

At first, an ice cream that doesn’t melt sounds like some kind of Willy Wonka-esque magic. But then after a few seconds of thinking about it, you have to begin wondering what the hell is in it?

That’s a question one Coles shopper is now asking the supermarket giant after discovering that their own-brand ice cream sandwiches remain unchanged when put out in the sun.

coles ice cream sandwich
Salter says the Coles ice cream sandwich hasn't melted or been eaten by ants in four days. Source: Facebook.

"I am intrigued [as to what the ingredients are] as on Friday at about 5 pm my grandson threw a skitz when the one he opened broke in two so he threw it out," Mary Salter wrote on the Coles Facebook page on Monday.

"One half landed on back cement the other half onto the lawn - I thought I would leave the pieces for the cats/ birds/ dog even - ants maybe??? I have watched with interest that none of the above would go near it ( not even the ants) the ? Ice cream has not melted and there the two pieces sit."

Salter continued, "now I am a little concerned just WHAT is in this 'treat' - can you please explain why after 4 days in 26 degree heat on cement it has not melted or nothing has volunteered to eat it."

The grandmother said that since seeing the ice cream fail to melt she has broken up the remaining chocolate biscuit and vanilla ice cream sandwiches and left the halves outside in the sun to see if anyone or thing will venture near them, but so far, nothing has gone near.

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Coles replied to the Facebook post, telling Salter they had replied to her question via private message, but seven hours on, Salter returned to their page to say that she was still waiting to hear anything.

Salter says she is worried about the long-life ingredients in the items and what they might do to those consuming the product.

So, what's in it? We're still not sure.

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