A shopper has stumbled upon a little-known hack to get free roast chicken at Coles.

Any savvy supermarket shopper will know the many wonderful benefits of a whole roast chicken.

Divvied up into sandwiches and salads, one can even last you a whole week if you’re shopping for one. Just thinking about it is making us salivate.

Psst, check out this cooking hack that’ll have you chopping up tomatoes like a ninja. Post continues after video.

So when we heard there’s potentially a way you can get one for free, we were of course very interested.

As reported by, a South Australian shopper has brought to our attention a free chicken hack available in some Coles supermarkets and we are listening.

In a supermarket trip that can only be described as an emotional rollercoaster, the woman wheeled her trolley up to the chicken cabinet only to discover it was empty.


BUT, in a joyous plot twist, she spotted a sticker which read:“If you’ve missed out on a Coles hot roast chicken from 11am to close, your next one is free.”


The thrilled shopper shared a photo of the deal on Facebook, but others, sadly, chimed in to let the people know it wasn’t available at all stores.

“Only if the store displays this sticker. If it doesn’t they don’t follow this policy. Not all Coles do it,” one Facebook user said.

“My local in Perth didn’t have any the other evening,” said another person.

Speaking to, a Coles spokesperson confirmed this.

“Our Coles hot roast chicken is one of our most popular items and we want to have them available at the times that our customers want them most,” the spokesperson said.

“The offer is only available in select stores and times vary by location.”

Now, excuse us while we roam the city in search of the elusive free roast chicken stickers.

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