Cole Sprouse had the best reaction when he caught a fan googling him.

So, Cole Sprouse might be the best thing on the internet.

In case you missed it, the Riverdale star has an entire Instagram account dedicated to photos he takes of people who are trying to take photos of… him.

It’s sneaky and hilarious and we love it.

And now it seems Cole Sprouse has out-Cole Sproused himself.

On a recent Instagram story he shared some snaps of a woman standing in front of him in line at an ice cream shop in Hawaii.

The woman was googling… Cole Sprouse.

Yep, Cole Sprouse caught her googling Cole Sprouse while standing in line ahead of Cole Sprouse (try saying that three times fast).

Sprouse shared two photos of the fan trying to covertly google him, followed by a bemused selfie.

cole sprouse caught someone googling him
Cole Sprouse just out Cole Sprouse-d himself. Image via Instagram.

But don't worry - it seems like the fan got to meet the man she was googling anyway (after she checked that it was, in fact, him).

A Twitter user named Joe Berkowitz posted a screenshot of a Facebook post by the googler who ended up taking a selfie with the 25-year-old actor.

"A pleasure to run into Cole Sprouse in Hawaii," she began her post.

"Update: Please don't look at his Instagram story," she added.

"Update #2: People are making memes about me now. 2018 is off to a weird start."

Indeed, it is.