Sex/Life introduced us to the 'Coital Alignment Technique'. It's one of the best sex positions.

If you, like the rest of Australia, stumbled upon the term 'Coital Alignment Technique' while deep into episode five of Sex/Life and then googled it immediately... welcome.

Yes, it may not have been as jaw-dropping as that shower scene in episode three, but it is something we need to talk about just as much.

Watch the full trailer for Sex/Life right here. Post continues after video.

Video via Netflix.

"When done right, it provides the ultimate connection," says Billie in her slightly over-egged narration while she and Brad are doing the position. They both appear to come at the same time and fall even more madly in love than before.

But is that even... possible?

Well, according to experts, it is. 

Sexologist (and brand new host of Mamamia's sex podcast, Sealed Section), Chantelle Otten, explains that "CAT, as it is often called, is great for vulva owners as it promotes both external clit stimulation and internal penetration at the same time - win win".

How do you do the Coital Alignment Technique?

Good question to ask. Slightly harder one to answer.

Why? Because we can't physically demonstrate without this page being listed as pornography, or me being fired. And also, because it's a pretty hard move to nail.

While Cam Fraser (Lovehoney's certified sexologist and counsellor) describes it as a "modified version of missionary style sex," the emphasis should be on the word 'modified' as there's quite a bit of difference.

The aim is to enhance pleasure "through consistent clitoral stimulation from the penetrative partner positioning themselves higher," explains Cam, as this results in the penetrative partner's 'pubic mound' pressing against the clitoris. 

So, the penetrative party member lies on top of their partner, inserts their penis or uses a strap on or dildo, and then raises themselves higher so their public mound is resting on their partner's clit. This also involves getting a lot closer in the face department, so increased eye contact is available as a tasty side dish.

For a visual, here's a screenshot of Billie and Brad acting it out on Sex/Life: 

Image: Netflix. 


Once you've ticked the placement of penis/dildo/clit/mounds etc. then it's time for some movement. 

"For optimal effect, the partner grinds rather than thrusts in a consistent rhythm," says Chantelle. This rocking manoeuvre should be lead by the receiving partner (the one lying down) and it should be an 'upstroke' flow for them, while the penetrating partner leads on the downstroke. 

Yes, it's like a really complicated rocking horse. 

Luckily, Cam would like to remind you that "this position takes a bit of practice and might feel awkward at first," PHEW. "But have patience and experiment with what works for you and your partner, noting that adding a wedge may help with positioning."

When the positioning is feeling good and comfortable for all parties present, then we recommend rocking for as long as possible. Because the more the receiving partner rocks their pelvis, the more blood flow will increase to the genitals and the more the sensations will ramp up.


Who can do the Coital Alignment Technique?

While Brad and Billie demonstrated the penis-in-vagina heterosexual version of events, this position can be achieved by same-sex couples too. 

"The technique is usually referenced when speaking about penetrative penis inside the vagina, but it can also be achieved with the right props like a pillow to position the pelvis upwards and a strap on, or dildo," explains Chantelle. 

Quick! Have a listen to this episode of The Undone, where hosts Lucy and Em discuss a rather frantic sex diary. Post continues after podcast. 

But if you're tossing up not whether you can do this move, and more if you want to do this move, Chantelle shares that this position is a must-try for those who like dual stimulation.

"If you usually achieve climax through both internal and external stimulation, then I would recommend giving this technique a go!"

Plus, if you wanted to try a version-of, then Cam let us in on a secret: You can reverse the move!

"The CAT also be reversed - where the receiving partner is on top and positions themselves lower - think spooning but taken up a notch. It’s extremely beneficial for those that require more clitoral stimulation to orgasm."

How did ya know, Cam?!

As always, with trying anything new in the bedroom when a plus one is present, make sure you have gained full consent, and that you keep communication levels high. Talking through what is feeling good, and what ain't, is the best route to a grand old time for the both of you - so keep chatting!

Feature Image: Mamamia + Netflix.