What is your relationship status with coffee? This quiz will give you the brew-tal truth.

Coffee Pixels
Thanks to our brand partner, Coffee Pixels

HI THERE, FELLOW COFFEE LOVER. Whoops, sorry, didn’t mean the all caps. I must’ve had my 20th coffee today. You know the feeling, right?

Or maybe not. Maybe your relationship with coffee is more complex. Maybe you need the bells and whistles. The cream. The chocolate powder. Extra points if the barista does a portrait of your face, exact likeness, in your extra frothy cappuccino.

Or perhaps you’re the double shot kind, with no time to wait in line and your KeepCup armed and ready for action?

Maybe you’re so obsessed with coffee you actually eat it? Well, you can now. Coffee Pixels is an edible bar, like a chocolate bar, but made of coffee beans and coffee fruit.

If  you want to try this award-winning bar, we’ve got a special discount waiting for you… take the quiz below and your discount awaits! Tea drinkers, take this quiz at your own peril…

Coffee Pixels

Recently named the best new food product at the speciality coffee Association world of coffee industry fair in Amsterdam, Coffee Pixels is now Australia’s favourite edible coffee bar. Whether you are out hiking, cycling, or just want something to compliment your morning coffee, Coffee Pixels is your perfect coffee partner!

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