The bizarre new Coke flavour that absolutely no one understands.

Coca-Cola have announced a new flavour that no one asked for and no one understands.

Called ‘Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar’ (super catchy) it combines coffee and coke, with “a dash of real coffee from Brazil [with] subtle caramel undertones”.

But do two rights make a wrong? It remains to be seen.

Image: Coca Cola

The limited edition drink launched exclusively in Australian supermarkets today after initial trials in Japan.

It seems people have mixed feelings about the coffee-coke hybrid, which is designed to replace your second coffee or rescue you from your 3pm slump.


Even though we're pretty sure that's what normal Coke is also designed for?

Shannon Grixti of Press Start said called it "delightfully weird".

"It’s interesting in small bursts, but I’m not sure that it quenches my thirst in the way that I would expect a soft drink to," he wrote.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

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