Want to have coffee with Ivanka Trump? It'll cost you a cool $67,000.

How much was your cup of coffee this morning? $3.80? $5.00? How about, say, $67,100?

Wait, you didn’t spend $67,100 on your coffee this morning? That’s totally fine, you can amend that mistake now. Because what you can do with that spare $67,100 I know is probably lazily sitting in your bank account just desperate to be spent on coffee is take it to go and visit Ivanka Trump.

I know. I know. It was terrible of you to spend that on school fees or house deposits or mortgage payments. But in your defence, you weren’t to know this would eventually surface as an investment in and of itself.

Auction charity website Charity Buzz is offering one lucky bidder the opportunity to have a coffee with Ms Trump — valued at US$50,000 (AU$67,100) –sometime in early 2017. Proceeds from the auction will go to her brother Eric Trump’s foundation to benefit St Jude’s Children Research Hospital.

However, potential buyers must realise their expensive date comes with a few clauses first.

Firstly, it’s valid for two people which initially sounds very generous until you consider how much less awkward three-person conversations are than trying to force small-talk between two.

Secondly, the approximate duration of the date will be somewhere between 30 and 45 mins. Which, if you do the maths,comes to US$1100-1600 (AU$1400-2100) for every one minute of conversation.

The winner is allowed to take a photo, but not anything to be signed (because it’s not 2005, friends) and the winner and guest are subject to approval by the Trump Organization.

As of Saturday morning, 10 bids had been made, with the winning bid sitting at US$18,500 (AU$24,800), despite the estimated value believed to be around US$50,000 (AU$67,100). Potential buyers have until December 20 to make their bids.

Happy bidding.