Grabbing a coffee at work isn't just a nice break. It's actually essential.

Muffin Break
Thanks to our brand partner, Muffin Break

Good news, coffee lovers.

You now have an excuse to take time out of your day to have a coffee, muffin and catch up with a friend.

Because most of the time we just grab a coffee on the go (because who’s got time to sit down?), we buy a perk-me-up drink and sip it as we dash to the next place we’ve got to be (or should’ve been at 10 minutes ago).

But we do it because we enjoy it. It’s worth it for the buzz. For the taste. Because it’s a ritual. Because life is about the little pleasures, and it’s our one daily treat, and we couldn’t possibly drink instant… you get the idea.

But then we forget how much better a coffee can be when we can sit down with a friend and enjoy the frothy goodness with a side of great conversation. We forget how much better a coffee ‘break’ is, as opposed to a really quick energy burst that we guzzle down.

And I can hear you now, saying to me, “Yeah Sarah, that’s true, but I don’t have time to sit down and chat to a friend. Do you know how much I do every day just before 9am?” Yeah I do. But this is why taking the break is so important – you need to stop sometimes.

So let me share my solution with you. Just listen.

I heard about an offer that would allow me to enjoy my coffee with a friend every day, as well as get a free muffin and maybe – just maybe – a free holiday. I’m sorry, did I see that correctly? Apparently it’s true.

Muffin Break has an offer on at the moment called “One, two, free” – basically, you buy any two coffees and you get a muffin (to share) for free.

After your purchase you get a postcard to fill out and you then can enter a draw to win one of three getaways, for two people, around Australia. Ahhh, sounds blissful… And if that wasn’t enough, Muffin Break also has a loyalty program – so you buy four coffees, and get the fifth free. Yes, free.


It’s not that I’m addicted to coffee – most of us aren’t. It’s just – there’s something about a warm, frothy brew that lifts your energy levels and makes your day that little bit better. Add a muffin and a friend and the possibility of a free holiday and you are pretty much a Powerball lotto prize winner.

In a generation where everyone is always on the go, we often forget to appreciate the little things. We forget that there are small things we can do every day to make sure we take time out (even if it is for five minutes) to spend time with friends and family, reboot our own internal batteries and just treat ourselves.

So next time the day-to-day gets too much, and when you just want to spend that spare change on a sweet caffeinated brew, you should. I officially give you permission. And when you can go to a place that’ll give you a free muffin and a shot at an amazing, free trip – hey, you don’t have a lot of reason not to.

I’ve decided to stop guzzling down my one daily pleasure and I’ve decided to hit up Muffin Break (with a friend) every day in the hope they’ll send me on a trip (with said friend) around Australia. (Or maybe that’ll be your prize. I’ll try not to be too jealous).
So cheers to coffee.

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