Don't panic, but there's a chance your coffee machine is infested with cockroaches.

Picture this: It’s six am and you’re fiddling about with your coffee machine.

The sun isn’t up, the dog isn’t up, and there’s… a cockroach crawling into your cup.

Yep. A cockroach. It sounds like a nightmare scenario, but the issue of cockroaches living in coffee machines is apparently more common than you think.

A surge of customers have hit online forums, Google and social media to complain of cockroaches living in their coffee machines. Thankfully, there are also several sites that aim to help them.

Coffee machine company Aquaespresso provides assistance to its customers in removing roaches with a handy tips and tricks guide.

The company even addresses its competitors to comment on how they “choose to overlook, avoid and even deny” the issue.

Yeck. (Source: iStock)

The offered guide argues cockroaches choose coffee machines because they boast three of the critters' favourite characteristics.

"They are naturally attracted to three things: darkness, moisture and nutrients. What do coffee machines have? All three! It’s no wonder it’s a cockroach utopia," the guide reads.

Aquaespresso offers customers a few ways of removing them.

  1. Boric Acid: "Make sure the Boric acid comes nowhere close to being in contact with any of the consumables of the machine."
  2. Clean with hot soapy water with some bleach added to it: "If it’s movable, take it out and wash it." (Post continues after gallery.)

The company even instructs customers how they can create a trap in order to remove cockroaches without harming them.

Vaseline method: "Take an empty glass jar and line the rim with Vaseline. Add some fruit peels to the jar (like banana) and keep it open and available in the area where the roaches are."

The idea behind it is the bugs will be attracted to the fermenting fruit but become stuck in the Vaseline.

Customers can presumably release the roaches once captured... or hang onto them to train for their insect circus.