There's a dark side to Coachella music festival that you don't see in Instagram photos.

It seems like the perfect weekend away, until it’s not.

This week Teen Vogue journalist Vera Papisova went undercover at Coachella Music Festival in California to report on prolific sexual harassment and assault at music festivals.

“This year’s Coachella experience was also full of moments I never saw on Instagram: being repeatedly violated by strangers,” the journalist wrote.

In the 10 hours that Papisova was at Coachella festival, she interviewed fellow festival goers about sexual harassment and assault. In these 10 hours, the journalist herself was groped 22 times. That’s more than twice an hour.

The journalist shared that one man felt it appropriate to grab her stomach and ask her whether she does pilates, another followed her while she walked to another stage, only to grab her by the hips and whisper that she’s a “goddess”.

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Of the 54 young women that Papisova interviewed at Coachella, every single one of them had a story of sexual assault or harassment from the festival.

“Of course sexual harassment happens here, it happens to us at all concerts. At Coachella it is so many people that men will get away with touching you, and they think we don’t notice. It happened to me many times already, and I notice every time,” 19-year-old Ana shared.

Another festival-goer, 20-year-old June, described being groped 40 times during the first weekend of Coachella.

Sexual assault at music festivals is also a huge problem here on Australian soil.

Last year at Fall’s Festival in Marion’s Bay Tasmania, there were three reported cases of sexual assault. In 2016, there were five reported cases of sexual assault at the same event.

While there is limited research on sexual harassment and assault at Australia’s festivals, the Australian Bureau of Statistics recently revealed 38 per cent of 18-24 year-old women had experienced sexual harassment in the past year.