Brittney's message for her daughter's step mum has resonated with parents everywhere.

Last week Brittney Johnson, a US mum, shared a Facebook post about the influence of her ex’s new partner, Kayla Imhoff, on her daughter’s life.

The post went viral, attracting over 85,000 likes and over 40,000 shares as Johnson described Kayla as a “gift”.

co-parenting success story
Brittney Johnson and her daughter, Payton. Image via Facebook.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence by any account to have a blended family. Co-parenting and step-parents are institutions that form part of our every-day dialogues as families respond to changes. Johnson questioned the mothers out there who "throw a fit when another woman [as the new partner of the father] treats your child as her own" stating that it should instead be exactly what a mum would want.

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Knowing that her daughter Payton would be raised in two homes, Johnson says that she "prayed for the type of woman my daughter’s father would be with" understanding that her ex’s new partner would have a significant part in Payton’s life.

Johnson said she was determined to raise a "strong, smart and sweet girl" and she wanted Payton to be surrounded with role models who 'are exactly that'.

Kayla Imhoff, the new partner of Payton’s dad, has fulfilled this criteria in Johnson’s eyes. Imhoff is currently studying to become a nurse and Payton is so ‘infatuated’ that Imhoff ordered her a pair of child-sized scrubs to match her own set.

co-parenting success story
Kayla and Payton in their matching scrubs. Image via Facebook.

Johnson goes on to say "Thank you Kayla for showing Payton how to chase your dreams, how to work hard and stay up late to study for a test" but also "still making time to ride her bike with her" even during the stressful times. She continues in the post by saying that Imhoff was a "true role model and an amazing bonus mum".

Co-parenting is never going to be easy, but Johnson says that keeping the best interests of the child is most important. Jealousy and fear that the children might "like them better" is just going to cloud the situation with more stress and tension and will ultimately impact on your health and the health of the children.

co-parenting success story
Kayla Imhoff and Payton. Image via Facebook.

Instead, through communication, perseverance and understanding children like Payton have "more people to love her, and what more could a mother want for her child?".

In an interview after the post went viral, Johnson said that you have to "remember that they are people too" and that they "deserved a chance" to have a place in the child’s life - because you’re all on the same team together. Instead, "if you take time to get to know them and trust them" it feels less like a competition and more like team effort.

Ultimately, Johnson says that two best friends are better than one and that "it takes a village, and I happen to love mine".