Pool loungers, beach sunsets and cocktails on tap: A recap of a very luxe week in Mauritius.

To say ‘I’m not a resort person’ is a holiday humble brag I have been guilty of many times. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this vacation type – it’s your annual leave, after all.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy relaxing in a pool recliner, sipping on a cocktail, or listening to the dulcet ocean waves.

I just didn’t… get it. What do people actually do at resorts, I wondered?

But I get it now. Thanks to Club Med, I am a changed woman.

According to science, holidays help you live longer. And yes, we are willing to believe that.

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Unlike a standard hotel, ‘resort holidays’ tend to offer a self-contained experience that covers your accommodation, meals, activities and entertainment. Now in its 69th year, Club Med and its global troupe of 60+ resorts has perfected the art of the holiday.

And after spending six days at their La Plantation d’Albion and La Pointe aux Canonniers resorts in Mauritius, I can confirm this to be true.

If you’ve ever thought about going on a resort holiday or staying at a Club Med, read on.

Club Med Mauritius
With ample sunscreen, two bikinis and a suitcase full of linen, I flew 14-hours across the Indian Ocean, and landed in paradise.

Club Med resorts.

Club Med La Plantation d'Albion.

Heralded as a 5-trident club, La Plantation d’Albion is Club Med's luxury Mauritius offering, and the impressive 21-hectare property lives up to its reputation. Just some of the ways you can pass your time include the adults-only zen pool, a golf course and stunning turquoise lagoon which just happens to face yet another beautiful beach.

Club Med Mauritius
Welcome to paradise... where cabanas and pool loungers come in spades.

I chose to spend my three-night stay alternating between dozing off on a lounge chair, learning to play tennis, and going snorkelling for the first time ever. Not a bad combo.

Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers.

If Club Med La Plantation d'Albion is all about luxury, then think of Club La Pointe aux Canonniers as the cool cousin who just wants you to get up and dance, or at least go a round on the water ski. Recently refurbished, the vibe is a little more family-focused, and vibrant, with a hefty list of activities that specialise in water sports.

Club Med Mauritius
*beach party music plays softly in the distance*

The new Alma Beach Bar - which overlooks a never-ending stretch of pristine beach - is a particular highlight, especially at sunset, when you can watch the sun, and all its pink, purple and golden rays gently melt into the horizon.

Club Med accommodation.

From a lush bed to a clawfoot tub and rainfall shower heads, the rooms at Club Med felt just as considered as the surrounding grounds. After spending the day soaking up the sun and utilising the resort's many resources, my room felt like the perfect 'home away from home'.

Room service, daily housekeeping and turn-down service (complete with a little treat) is included in every package, and parents can rest easy, knowing they can drop their little ones at the renowned Club Med Kids Club, which caters for ages 4-17.

Club Med Mauritius
(L) A casual view from my room at La Pointe aux Canonniers (R) bathroom amenities with personality.

The food at Club Med.

There are two types of holiday people: those who love a buffet, and those who would rather graze on a tropical fruit platter. While both options were catered for at Club Med, if you sit in the former camp, then GREAT NEWS.

There was never a day I wasn't completely blown away by Club Med's culinary offerings. Wagyu steaks, grilled crayfish, pan-fried salmon, sushi, a made-to-order pasta bar, and countless other dishes were on offer, as were many 'speciality plates' from various cuisines like Chinese, Indian, French and Thai. There were also specific days when guests could sample traditional Mauritian dishes which draw inspiration from the island's history of French, Creole, Indian and Chinese influences.

Club Med Mauritius
Coconut water pina coladas (for balance), made with local Mauritian rum and double buffet breakfasts.

Then, there were the pre-dinner cocktail parties. Every night, guests were treated to a The Bachelor-esque display of canapé towers and drinks (both alcohol and non-alcoholic) from the open bar. But instead of the tears and melodrama, it was just a lovely way to catch up with friends, both old and new, to chat about your day.

Club Med Mauritius
The Bachelor has nothing on this spread.

The activities at Club Med.

The obvious luxury of holidaying in a resort, especially at Club Med, is it's an all-inclusive experience. Therefore, everything from your accommodation and meals to the activities and even towel hire is already included in your package at no extra cost.

This means you can wake up, stare out the window, admire the stunning coastline, go to the buffet breakfast, and from then on, do whatever you want - and oh boy, can you pack a lot into your schedule.

Club Med Mauritius
I personally tried to pick up some new tennis and paddle-boarding skills.

People who like 'doing things' are very well catered for, with a huge number of activities on offer. Think: tennis, golf, trapeze, sailing, archery lessons, snorkelling and jet-skiing, to name a few. You can even get your PADI scuba diving accreditation, should you want to be uber productive.

I tried to take every opportunity to up-skill my tennis backhand - which went from non-existent to semi-passable - thanks to the help of a very patient teacher. Another highlight of my stay was taking a glass boat to go snorkelling in the island's many coral reefs.

Club Med Mauritius
Snorkelling trips on glass-bottom boats... positively lovely.

While this isn't included in a standard package, culture-hungry holidayers can also explore the heart of Mauritius through one of the many day trips organised by Club Med. We were treated to a half-day tour of Port Louis, the capital city, which included a visit to the stunning Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden and eclectic craft markets.

We took a day trip to the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden and the craft markets.

Once the sun set, Club Med also ensured guests were well-looked after, with nightly events from White Night dinners, circus performers, musicians, a Beyonce show and dance parties. For those who wanted to, this meant you could sit down with a fellow guest you met during the day and share a conversation over a drink, or two.

Club Med Mauritius
Dance shows and poolside acrobatics, just another night at Club Med.

The Club Med community.

From families to couples and solo travellers, Club Med brings together an eclectic and international guest list. However, even I was surprised by how friendly everyone was. Holidayers mingled with each other, openly chatting and sharing experiences, with activities and meal times providing the perfect chance to solidify new and old friendships.


Speaking to the friendly staff - known as GOs (guest organisers) - I learnt there are a number of solo travellers who come to Club Med by themselves, and given the never-ending list of things to do and new faces to meet, it made total sense.

Extroverts have countless opportunities to socialise and meet fellow resort guests, while introverts can rest by the pool with their favourite book to keep them company. The sprawling resort also means you'll never find yourself without a vacant pool, or beach recliner, or sun lounger, should you need to escape for a while.

Club Med Mauritius
Whatever your holiday style may be, know that you will be well catered for.

So... would I go back again?

It's been a few weeks since I had my fleeting taste of #resortlyfe, and I scoff at the former-me who thought she knew better.

And while the canapé towers have been replaced with tuna and rice packets, and the winter Sydney weather is the opposite of a tropical holiday, at least I still have the dregs of a winter tan and my sun-drenched memories to tide me over.

Thank you Club Med, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Mamamia were invited by Club Med to experience their La Plantation d’Albion and La Pointe aux Canonniers resorts in Mauritius, however the opinions and views listed here are our own.

Have you been to Mauritius? What did you think of the island? Tell us in a comment below.