The movement that proves husbands are clueless when it comes to women's fashion.

The other week I made what I considered a seriously good buy – possibly even my best purchase of the year.

It was a black and ivory oriental-inspired silk bomber jacket from H&M reduced in a one day sale from almost $70 to less than 15 bucks. There was just one left on the rack and I snatched it faster to my chest than the last Monte Carlo in a family pack of cream biscuits.

Obviously I wore it that very same night, filled with that shiny-new-purchase-that-essentially-SAVED-me-money glee.

It was soon clear my partner did not share my sentiments. "Uh, WHAT is that?" he said, gesturing to my jacket approximately three seconds after I had taken off my coat.

It's a reaction that's not only obviously completely and utterly wrong (it's #fashun, get with it dude) but one most women have experienced.

Fortunately Podcast Director Monique Bowley's  recommendation on this week's episode of Mamamia Out Loud is the perfect response - #ClothesMyHusbandHates.

Poor guy married Andy Pandy. #clothesmyhusbandhates

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The tongue-in-chic hashtag has been used hundreds of time on Instagram by women to show off the clothes of items they love, but their partner doesn't.


Spearheaded by Jo Elvin, Editor of Glamour UK, think that fabulous pom pom coat, brightly coloured blouse, the novelty jumper that makes you giggle every time you put it on and the biggest 'offender' of all - culottes. (Post continues after audio.)

Regularly posting outfit snaps, Elvin's partner might not be the biggest fan but her followers certainly are.

"Love that hashtag and LOVE your dungers!!," wrote one commenter, while another added, "Loving this and I know my husband would hate it too. All the more reason to wear it!"

Poor guy married Andy Pandy. #clothesmyhusbandhates

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It's the place to get the appreciation you deserve for those fabulous sequin overalls.

Not sure I will bother wearing anything besides PJs again. Ross NOT impressed. #clothesmyhusbandhates

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And if you're looking for a retort next time your outfit gets met by a raised eyebrow, just point the offender towards Leandra Medina, who's made a living off the style.

The American blogger-turned-media-mogul started her blog Man Repeller in 2010 documenting her penchant for "Man-repelling" fashion items like acid-washed harem pants and enormous shoulder pads.


She now has over a million Instagram followers, has written a book and yes, she's married.

Not only will it make you giggle and fist-pump simultaneously, you'll likely immediately want to fill your wardrobe with everything sparkly, shiny and brightly coloured you can get your hands on.

"Just check out the hashtag, it will make you look at your wardrobe in a whole new way. It's really fun," says Monz.


It's not just husbands and partners though - as Mia Freedman attests, it can come from any member of your family.

"My daughter now dry retches sometimes when she looks at my outfits. She just makes a vomiting mime action," she says.

"So that's how I know I've nailed it - if she's dry retching then I know I've really got a winning look on."

So get out those satin dungarees, pair them with your new fluffy mules and wear them with pride.

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