"I'll wear it to death": 25 things the Mamamia team shopped this month.

With lockdown set to end in the coming weeks, the Mamamia team have been doing some online shopping and getting their "outside outfits" in order. 

From throw-on dresses to oh-so-many pairs of sandals, here are 25 things we shopped this month.

M.N.G Sandi Dress, $44.95.

"If we get the chance to go back to the office this year, I plan on wearing many chuck-on dresses to make my mornings stress-free. So, first up, I ordered this. I guarantee I'll wear it to death." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

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H&M Velour indoor slippers, $29.99.

"Did I need these velour slides before spring? No. Did I WANT these velour slides before spring? Yes. H&M is so good at translating big trends into wearable and affordable designs - and these are an interpretation of a really fashion-forward footwear style you'll be seeing on all the major influencers come summer. I'll be sliding these on with my swimwear and robes, and just generally staring at them in awe." - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle.

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Incu Collection Flower Being T-Shirt, $100.

"I haven't purchased this tee just yet, but god I want to. It's bright, looks hella comfortable and will pair perfectly with my favourite denim shorts." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Incu.

Wanderluxe Sleepwear The Fern Boxer Set Short, $174.

"Maybe it's because I'm well over 30, but I've come to the thinking that proper pyjamas can solve at least some of my problems. This set is so chic in khaki with pink piping, and the fern embroidered on the pocket was designed by Australian artist Sarah Darby. I just feel cute and comfortable when I wear this to lounge around or sleep in, which hits the bedtime brief for me." - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle.

Image: Supplied.


Ally Fashion Color Block Stripe Shirt, $35.99.

"I was influenced by fashion guru Tamara Davis and bought this from her article - like a cheap version of the expensive ones I've seen around and keen to wear it with shorts and lots of gold jewellery this summer." - Lily Allsep, Audience Development Manager.

Image: Ally Fashion.

Nimble Activewear Back In Action Bra, $89, and Laser Hem Bike Shorts, $79.

"As my activewear wardrobe consists of mainly black, I'm trying to find some fun, colourful sets to wear in spring. And this set is exactly that. The pattern's cute, the bike shorts are the ideal length and the fabric slips on like a dream. All I need is some white sneakers and I'm good to go." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.


Image: Supplied.

Leyla Rose Kylie Claw Set Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings, $450.

"I was very lucky to be sent a pair of earrings from Leyla Rose Jewellery - the Australian brand makes the most incredible Cubic Zirconia and sterling silver pieces. As a big fan of hoops, I was looking for something to make a bit more of a statement than my standard gold ones. Not only will these sparklers elevate my work outfits, they're the perfect piece to wear for all those Christmas parties and nights out to come!" - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle.

Image: Supplied.


ST SANA Melon Slides, $40.

"My beloved Birkenstocks died last month from overuse, so I'm taking their passing as an opportunity to try a new sleeker style, and these were on sale, so I nabbed them." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: The Iconic.

Luck & Trouble Corduroy Overshirt Cream, $69.95.

"I've been really into corduroy overshirts at the moment. I think they're super cute and versatile for this weather - can chuck it over a bikini and some shorts for the beach or wear it done up with jeans OR as a light jacket. I was searching for the perfect creamy white one since my black one was so heavily on repeat in my wardrobe and found this. I loooove it. Such a staple." - Emma Gillman, News Writer.

Image: Universal Store.


Perfect White Tee Zepplin Tee Dress - Vintage Black, $139.

"My beach uniform is usually an oversized tee-shirt and shorts or a flowy dress; so, when I was sent this oversized t-shirt dress I was ecstatic. Made by the LA label that claims to make the perfect white tee (see name above), the dress is made from the same soft material and features a cool raw hem. Another dress I'll live in come summer." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: The Cut Store.

All Core Pocket Bike Shorts, $64.

"I have these in black already and they are the perfect length and don't roll up or down, so I decided to get them in blue for Summer!" - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: The Iconic.


Koi Footwear Devarda, $70.

"I think these shoes are a lil cheugy, but I love em and they're so comfy and cute." - Emma Gillman, News Writer.

Image: Universal Store.

Zara Contrast Dress, $45.95.

"I bought this easy throw on summer dress." - Isobel Paine, Head of MPlus.

Image: Zara.


Zara Short Linen Playsuit, $69.95.

"This for general weekend wearing pre-post baby." - Isobel Paine, Head of MPlus.

Image: Zara.

La Tribe Elke Sandal, $299.90.

"Summer shoes! Super comfy." - Lize Ratliff, Head of Podcasts.

Image: Jumbled Online.


Gingham and Heels Dixie Dress, $89.

"I just got this from Gingham and Heels - it’s cute, lightweight and I love the colour for my pale skin and reddish hair. Can’t wait to wear it out next month somewhere." - Laura Jackel, Content Producer.

Image: Gingham and Heels.

NA-KD logo print t-shirt in yellow, $20.

"I'm a sucker for anything in sunshine yellow, and the cheeky name had me hooked." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: ASOS.


Bec + Bridge Liam Knit Mini Dress, $240.

"I just bought this dress! Cute for spring and summer and hopefully a timeless piece I can get a lot of wear out of!" - Madeleine Balkwell, Senior Content Executive.

Image: Bec + Bridge.

New Look chunky flat sandals in white, $31.20.

"I feel like these vacation-dad sandals are everywhere and I WANT IN." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: ASOS.


Aere Pleat Detail Linen Smock Dress, $139.

"Beauty Writer Erin Docherty said she had her eye on this last month, and I take her advice on wholeheartedly, so I ordered it." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: The Iconic.

Carolina Skylar Pure Linen Dress, $189.99.

"I have this dress on the way." - Cathy O'Brien, Content Producer.

Image: Carolina.


Uniqlo Marimekko Denim Camisole Dress, $59.90.

"I got this on sale at Uniqlo because I love when they do collabs with Marimekko. So much more affordable and yes to fun prints for Spring!" - Elecia Lay, Sales Manager.

Image: Uniqlo.

Nagnata Colour Block Bralet, $200, and Retro Short, $225.

"I bought this Nagnata crop and shorts which will make the transition between my full-time activewear wardrobe back into dressing for the real world much easier. Honestly, these are so comfy (while still being stylish)." - Rachael Bell, Production Manager, Video.


Image: Nagnata.

What did you buy in September? Tell us in the comments!

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