ROADTEST: 4 women over 30 try Clinique's new anti-ageing Smart Serum. Here are their honest reviews.

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There's a new serum on the beauty block, and it's being hailed as a trailblazer of Clinique's most advanced serums yet. Well, say no more: you bet I had to get my hands on it immediately.  

Clinique’s brand new Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum has finally hit shelves, and this 50ml of magic (in quite a luxe purple bottle, a signature of Clinique) has beauty circles excited. Let me explain.  

Clinique’s new potent serum visibly addresses lines and wrinkles by tackling them from three angles: it hydrates to re-plump fine dry lines, resurfaces to help minimise the depth of wrinkles, and boosts natural collagen for visibly repaired skin. 

It's formulated for high efficacy while still gentle enough for twice daily use, which my skin and I love to see. This serum has been designed with an expert panel of scientists and dermatologists, and heroes 3 key ingredients.

As my beauty school is in session, here's the summary of exactly how this serum works:

• Repairs: Boosts natural collagen with CL1870 Peptide Complex.

• Resurfaces: Smooths skin with potent retinoid.

• Replumps: Hydrates fine wrinkles with hyaluronic acid.

I couldn't wait to get it on my face, basically. I recruited 3 other women over 30 to try Clinique's Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum with me, and here's exactly what we thought.

Melissa, 36

Mamamia author of the You Beauty Collective, looking for hydration and skin ageing prevention. 

My first application of Clinique Smart Clinical Repair was simply... luxurious.

After my usual evening gentle cleanse, I used 2 pumps of the serum and applied it to my face, using circular ‘heart’ movements.

The serum seriously glides on like butter. But like, butter that's meant to be... on your face. 

It also absorbs pretty much within the minute, leaving my skin soft, plumped and ultra-hydrated. The glow you get, I'm telling you: it cannot be understated. I feel like at first use, I was in love.

This serum feels like you’re wearing absolutely nothing on your face. It is amazingly gentle and refreshing, and is fragrance free (I’ll also add, it is paraben free!). I finished my night routine by locking in the serum with a gentle night cream too.

I have been sticking to this exact same routine both morning and night, adding absolutely no other product (other than moisturiser to lock the serum in, and of course my morning SPF) to see what this superhero can actually do over the 14 day period I used it.

I woke up the first morning truly to juicy, smooth and plumped skin. No word of a lie. Mind. Literally. Blown.


Image: Supplied.

I was actually hanging to apply it in the morning. You know you're a bit in love with a new serum friend for your face that you look forward to rolling out of bed, just to use it. 

So far, my hydration levels are now through the roof and I can see my skin tone is evening out. 

I am yet to have any wrinkles or fine lines that I'm conscious about, being in my mid-thirties (let’s hope this lasts!), but Clinique have definitely created a brilliant formula engineered to outsmart them, so I know I'm in capable beauty hands. 

This serum has blown my expectations out of the water, as my main concerns were full-face hydration (especially my dry nose and T-Zone thanks to cold Melbourne weather), and pigmentation from self-imposed blemishes (hacking away at random pimples and blackheads – oops… my bad!). 

In 14 days, my skin has noticeably improved its glow and hydration (glass skin here we come!) with my blemishes slowly diminishing. I also have not experienced any new outbreaks, which is an added bonus as my skin can sometimes react to new products. 

The Smart Clinical Repair Serum also does not pill underneath makeup (huge bonus points) so if you apply the serum for a morning, it should not impact your gorgeous makeup application. It worked flawlessly underneath for me.

Image: Supplied.


I can easily confirm, this is going to be my hero staple in both my morning and nighttime routines for years to come. I am super excited to see what happens in the following weeks to come. 

I highly recommend this serum if you're looking to rejuvenate your skin in the repair, resurface and re-plumping departments. Basically, get your little hands on this beauty, yesterday.

Tamara, 32

Head of Lifestyle at Mamamia, looking for skin ageing prevention.

Now that I’m in my early thirties, I'm on the lookout for products that will help target the fine lines and wrinkles I’m starting to see around my eyes, forehead and mouth area. 

The thing is, my skin is really sensitive. It tends to flare up when I use actives – but I didn’t want to miss out on the Vitamin A train as I’ve heard only excellent things about what it can do for the early signs of ageing. 

I have a pretty stripped-back skincare routine which consists of cleanser, sunscreen, face oil and moisturiser – I wasn’t using a serum until now as I haven’t found the right one for me (something my skin really benefits from rather than reacting to it). 

So, I was excited to hear that Clinique’s Smart Clinical Repair Serum contains a next generation retinoid, which is gentle enough to use day and night. That was a big tick for me.

Image: Supplied


As soon as I started incorporating it into my routine, I noticed the difference. It really is a super light and gentle on the face, but the effects are immediate – I’m talking brighter, plumper skin with a noticeable glow. 

After applying it at night, I wake up with skin that looks and feels refreshed. I’ve also seen a change in its texture; a smoothness that makes me feel confident to go about my day with minimal makeup. 

A girlfriend recently complimented me on my skin and said it was glowing, and I definitely credit it to this Clinique serum. After two weeks of twice-daily use, it’s become an important part of my daily routine.

Image: Supplied.


Cathy, 50

Mamamia author, looking for hydration and anti-ageing benefits. 

After being in lockdown for nearly 3 months, my tired 50-year-old face wasn’t going to get to a beautician anytime soon. I jumped at the opportunity to give Clinique’s brand new Smart Clinical Repair Serum a trial. 

I would describe the serum as hope in a bottle. Is that... dramatic? Prior to trying it, my skin was feeling a little dry, tired and not as bright or glowy as it could be. So I was hoping for some rejuvenation here!

I’m new to the serum scene, but I did understand that the peptides would reduce irritation and help boost what little collagen I have left. The retinoid would help me reduce the dull-looking surface skin to reduce the appearance of my wrinkles (of which there are a few... three teenagers in lockdown anyone?), and the hyaluronic acid complex helps with that instant plump look and feel. 

I wanted a lot from this product, and oh, it definitely delivered. 

Image: Supplied.

I was already a fan of Clinique, having used many of their products for years, so I was keen to see if this would deliver the same way. I incorporated the Smart Clinical Repair Serum for 14 days (and counting), morning and night as part of my normal cleanse, tone, moisturise routine. 

My face felt (and looked) brighter after only a few uses and definitely gave me a smoother surface for makeup.  

I will definitely keep using the anti-ageing Smart Serum as part of my regular routine. 

Susan, 50+

Makeup Artist, looking for anti-ageing skin rejuvenation.


Being on the other side of 50, I was keen to get Clinique's new Smart Clinical Repair Serum on my face, as I’m always up for some anti-ageing skin repair (and adore a super-concentrated serum).  

I was very impressed that it includes a pump for a measured and hygienic application. Bonus that it has sustainable packaging too!

Two pumps were enough for my whole face and neck, and the texture felt so luxe. I loved that it gives me a beautiful lit-from-within glow, and that the serum itself doesn’t feel sticky on application, and absorbed into my skin beautifully. 

It was compatible with all my complexion products and the serum easily fitted into my morning routine. I also liked that it can also be part of a day or night time routine (even both if I feel). 

After over a fortnight, I could definitely see some changes to my skin, in that it blurred my fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around my eyes (looking at you, crows feet).

Image: Supplied.

As a skincare nerd, the fact that Smart Clinical Repair Serum includes 3 powerhouse ingredients was another bonus. I could see these heavy lifters most definitely working their magic by plumping up and smoothing my skin.

I’m super happy with the results, Clinique has really delivered with this serum.

Get your hands on the trailblazer of Clinique's most advanced de-ageing line yet: Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum.

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Outsmart wrinkles with Clinique's NEW Smart Clinical Repair Serum. Meet a serum that visibly reduces stubborn lines by 32%*. It outsmarts wrinkles from three angles with CL1870 Peptide Complex™ to repair skin, a next-generation potent retinoid to resurface the skin and hyaluronic acid that replumps fine lines. It’s our most brilliant de-ageing serum yet. Suitable for all skin types. Formulated without parabens, phthalates, fragrance. Just happy skin. Available at and at your nearest Clinique stockist.