'I tried the anti-pollution jelly moisturiser bloggers are raving about, and it's worth the hype.'

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This is a public service announcement to all my fellow combination skin girls.

When it comes to finding that go-to moisturiser, I know your problem well. When it’s too heavy, your makeup runs into unfortunate ‘oil-slick’ territory by mid-morning, but if you go without, your skin feels tight, looks dull, and very soon those pesky patches of tell-tale ‘dry-skin’ begin to show.

It’s the old Goldilocks conundrum of ‘just too much or not enough’, but luckily the clever minds behind Clinique have created a solution in the form of their Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, and it’s just right.

The creators of the original three-step skincare system, the Hydrating Jelly is Clinique’s latest moisturiser offering which strengthens your skin’s moisture barrier with pollution protection qualities.

And after what seemed like countless features all over my Instagram feed, I was lucky enough to try the formulation, which is available online or in store at Myer.

And it did indeed live up to its hype.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly. Image. Supplied.

After trialling the product for just over a week, despite the vigorous office air-conditioning and just one too many sleep deprived nights (is anyone else watching Sharp Objects?) my skin, like Goldilocks' dream porridge situation, is just right.

The phthalates and paraben-free formula absorbs instantly into the skin, and your face feels instantly refreshed and plump -  not oily, or stripped - but hydrated and happy, leaving you to get on with your day.

Girls with sensitive noses can rest easy too, and I can assure you the product is 100 percent scent free.


When applied in the AM, it didn't interfere with my makeup and I was left confident knowing the Clean Shield Technology protected me against dehydration and 87 percent less vulnerable to pollution - a definite plus if you work in the middle of the city and spend your daily commute sitting on a peak-hour bus.

Because of the Hydrating Jelly's lightweight texture, it also layers perfectly over serums, toners and booster, and works great as the final layer to lock in all the active ingredients you've worked so hard to sandwich into your skin.

On nights when my skin looked as if it particularly needed an extra 'hydrating pep', I would do my skincare routine at around 7 or 8pm, watch an episode of The Bachelor or Survivor, and pop on another layer before bed to 'super-charge' my beauty sleep.

It rubs in quickly and effortlessly, and leaves skin feeling and looking refreshed and dewy.

So, with my un-made up - and dare I say - dewy face as my witness, I've got to hand it to my Instagram algorithm and its instincts at recognising beauty blogger hype.

Just like Goldilocks' elusive bowl of perfect porridge, when it came to moisturising, Clinique's Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly was just darn right.

Get it on your face ASAP.

Clinique's soon-to-be cult Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is available at Myer for $12 for 15ml, $29 for 50ml or $49 for 125mL.

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