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"Sad to say goodbye." Jesinta Campbell is Cleo Magazine's final covergirl.

Image: Bauer Media/Instagram.

Much has changed in the 44 years since Cleo first hit Aussie stands, but the iconic magazine’s last issue proves some things stay the same.

The final Collector’s Edition is a recreation of the very first Cleo cover from November 1972 — the days when a magazine cost you just 60 cents rather than almost $10.

The March cover stars former Miss Universe Australia and TV personality Jesinta Campbell, who’s pictured in a white halterneck top with her hair in voluminous seventies flicks.

The cover’s online release earlier today confirmed reports she’d been chosen as the final covergirl last month.

In a segment featured on the Today show this morning, 24-year-old Campbell admitted it was a bittersweet honour. “I actually had tears in my eyes because it was the very first fashion magazine that I got to be on the cover of,” she told former Cleo editor Lisa Wilkinson.

“I remember reading articles and feeling empowered myself, so I can’t imagine what those articles did for women 44 years ago.

“Cleo is one of the reasons both of us are here today as strong women on television, talking, doing our thing and being independent.”

"It was the very first fashion magazine that I got to be on the cover of." (Getty)

Campbell also paid tribute to the publication's "amazing team" on Twitter, thanking them for encouraging her "to be courageous."

These days, Cleo might seem relatively tame when compared to the content freely available online. But when it was launched by Ita Buttrose and Kerry Packer four decades ago, it was viewed as an edgy, envelope-pushing publication.

"We tackled topics that hadn't been done in women's magazines before. We were the first women's magazine to interview politicians," founding editor Buttrose told the 7.30 Report last month.


"I think what Cleo did was translate feminism and also the sexual revolution into a language that middle class women could accept."

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Cleo was equally famous for its nude male centrefolds and sealed sections, the first of their kind in Australia. This is just one aspect of Cleo's history the final issue will be paying tribute to; as the cover reads, it'll farewell “44 years of sass, bachelors, sex and centerfolds”.

The magazine's annual Bachelor of the Year competition will reportedly continue under the umbrella of Cosmopolitan Australia.

After much industry speculation, Cleo's closure was confirmed by publisher Bauer Media Group on January 20. The final issue will go on sale next Monday.

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