"I was having dinner on the weekend when a waitress' actions left me stunned."

It was Saturday night and I was happily chowing down on dinner and a few glasses of wine with a close group of friends. We were at a Greek restaurant and as there were quite a few of us, we opted to go for the set menu option to make things a little easier.

The atmosphere was lovely, the conversation was humming along and the shared plates of food were being carefully handed around the table to ensure everyone got their fair share.

It’s safe to say there was no shortage of food to go around and between the salads, pita bread and dips, and seafood, we were all feeling quite content.

It's safe to say there was no shortage of food to go around." Image via Getty.

But then a waitress came out of the kitchen and made a beeline for our table. I assumed she'd be filling up our glasses with more table water and wine, but no. Instead, she proceeded to take the plates, still brimming with food, away from the table and into the kitchen.


She didn't utter a word. She didn't ask if we were done. She simply proceeded to clear the table (I assumed to make way for more plates).

I sat there stunned before asking my friends: "Did she really just do that?"

The looks on their faces were equally surprised, some were laughing and couldn't believe what they had just witnessed.

"Surely you can't just take people's half finished food away without asking, right?" I quizzed around the table.

The general consensus was that this was the wrong way to go and that the waitress should always ask before clearing the table.


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Yet I've never worked as a waitress so I can't pretend to understand what the pressures of the job are. She may have even been asked by her boss to clear the plates and start the next course for all I know, or maybe she was just having an off night.

And I might've even taken things a step too far when I likened her actions to taking food directly out of someone's mouth, we had consumed a few wines after all and we were halfway between finding it equal parts bizarre and funny.

Most waiters and waitresses are fantastic but what do you think? Is this acceptable behaviour?

Should the waitress have asked before clearing the table or is what she did okay?